Are We Who They Say We Are?

Are we who they say we are? This is a very good question to ask ourselves when we are in a situation that is coming against us as a person. It can be actually critical that we examine these situations to be able to go forward in the truth and move past issues we have no business wasting any more time on.

Have you ever been told you are this or you are that? Or have you been accused of something you did not do or accused of something that is definitely not you?

... You aren't this and you've never been that... You did this and you meant that...

It's a very frustrating situation to be in, when we are being attacked and accused of things we did not do. We can listen to those kind of statements and absorb them into ourselves and even, - believe them about ourselves and they are not the truth.

How many lies have we believed, when accused of something we are not, and/or something we haven't done?

When the accuser is loose, watch out!

Tip - The behavior of an accuser is this, they project onto us what they are.

Accuser - imputes guilt, blame, & wrongdoing.

Project - Hurl, Scheme, Calculate, Throw or Impale, Heard Clearly, & Devise.

When taking a moment to think about the behavior of the accuser, - and we realize they are projecting their shortcomings onto us/others, - it really changes up the situation for the truth to come out. It sheds light on the lies and rips a hole into what they are doing and let's the light shine onto what the truth is.

Have we listened and believed any lies? Do we believe the projections or images an accuser has created about ourselves? If the accuser is a projector of themselves, then what they are saying about others? Think about this, the very opposite is the truth!

If we have heard hurtful untruths about others or ourselves then the very opposite could be the real truth. If this resonates with us, then we need to reflect on what has been projected onto us and change-up the image in our minds it has created and replace it with who we really are and what we really are about. If it's been about others we may need to reflect on what we were told and are we believing a falsehood.

I love once the truth is revealed, it changes things.

Be you and be blessed! Thanks for reading!


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