Asking For Help

Is there shame in asking for help? Do we hinder ourselves from not asking for help ?

Asking for help, - this thought made me think, - why is it so hard and why don't we just ask for help when we need to? After watching other people and myself, at times, struggle, I've wondered why we feel we have to do it all on our own, or why we feel shame in having to ask for help.

Is needing someone or something so bad? No! I do think there is a place we all want to be, the place being, we want to be able to survive on our own just in case. We want to protect ourselves just in case we are all alone. Just in case everyone and everything fails us one more time.

Asking for help shows need. And we wonder what happens if no one steps up to our need?

We think, - "I can't ask for help, - wonder if the help doesn't come?"

After hurts, expectations, and desires not fulfilled, I do believe the average person will start the protection mode, - that is a human defense, - and that will start the change of doing everything on our own. No one is there for us, and we don't need anyone will be our thoughts.

With those thoughts we start the pattern and I hate to say it but that is what we will get. No one will be there for us and we won't need anyone because we will take ourselves off to the lonely place, and that place is I don't need anyone or anything.

Doesn't sound good does it? I do understand that place, because I've been there. I can hear our defenses right now.... - But you have no idea what happened to me... You have no idea what I've been through... I have asked for help and my family wasn't there for me... God never showed up... - Was that our truth and reality at times? I'm sure it was, but that doesn't mean we stay there and wallow in it. We don't stay and drown in what was probably sent our way to destroy us.

Wise men ask for help. Is does not show weakness in asking for help. In the scriptures it shows us to ask for help from God, who is our help!

What will it take to open ourselves up and learn to ask? I think it will take strength, courage, a healthy humbleness, bravery, maturity, and a love for ourselves to know we don't have to be perfect.

I would rather be mature enough to know when I need help. I would love to be strong enough to know when I need help. I would love to be known as a wise person who was smart enough to ask when the need arises! I would hope to be humble enough to seek help. I hope to be brave enough to ask. My goal is to be confident in my love for myself and more than confident, that I know, I don't have to be perfect! I need to grow as a human being and I need to enjoy my life to the fullest and that will need some help to do that!

I thank, God, today, that He has brought me to a place, to ask for help from Him. Asking God daily for His advice, and guidance, is awesome because He will give it!

I'm still working on reaching out to people for help, - help with advice, a lead on a job, life coaching, a shoulder to cry on, - and the list could go on and on, depending on each of us. I'm starting to look at asking for help like, why not? What do I have to lose? It really doesn't matter if most won't help, but wonder if the important one does help?

God uses people, we are His hands, - helping others, and others helping us, should be normal to us all.

Thank you for reading! Please share any thoughts!


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