Do You Sweep Things Under the Rug?

When we moved into our new home we had to buy several items, area rugs being one of them. The hardwood floors are so beautiful, - I actually hated to cover them up, - but there are a few areas a rug is definitely needed for comfort and protection of the floors. I searched all the stores in my area, and I had many choices believe me. We live in an awesome area for shopping, - I checked out all the prices, etc.

- Target and Ballard Designs were the winners for me and what I needed. I ended up buying equally several area size rugs from both stores. Plus, I bought several runners for back hallways and the kitchen from Target. I loved a wool rug at, Pottery Barn, but I couldn't get it right away, and I must admit I was way too impatient to wait, but it was a great one, too!

So back to rugs... they are great for décor, warmth on the floor, and provide a soft landing...

All the new rugs gave me what I wanted, that soft landing, added décor, and it helped me accomplish what this house will be for my family. Do you remember the old saying, "don't sweep it under a rug?" I was thinking about that when rugs began to arrive and were delivered to my front porch, and then I began to think of all the things we might sweep under the rug, so to speak.

Sweeping under the rug means - without dealing with ... to hide ... and that is usually what we don't want to see ... - emotions, situations, and people, we just sweep... and sometimes we catch ourselves sweeping a lot before we even realize what we're doing.

I love sweeping outside around the patio, porch and garage... there is an ongoing joke in this house about me and my broom. But seriously, do we sweep things under the rug that we should face and deal?

As I dwell'd on this thought, I also thought about a bumpy rug, - I pictured those rugs with stuff swept under them, the edge not laid down, not a smooth flat and definitely not straight. Not good is it? Most of us that notice those kinds of things, would bend down and fix it, because it drives us crazy and also, we don't want anyone to trip and fall.

Tripping on rugs cause a lot of bad falls. My mother tripped once in her kitchen on her rug and landed sideways into the kitchen counter, her ribs were black and blue for weeks. I happened to be there to witness this, - she lives alone and it could have been worse. It got me thinking on the safety side.

So, decorating this home got me thinking, if we sweep things under a rug in situations in our lives, our rugs are going to be bumpy, crinkled, and messed up. They need to be smooth, flat and straight. If not, we will be tripping. Tripping can lead to an injury. Switching this up to the spiritual needs in our life, you can see where I'm going with this. Are we tripping around, falling and getting injured?

It's something to think about.

For those of you to young to remember this old saying, you can still picture what I'm saying here. For those of us that know the old saying, how can we not sweep junk under a rug so to speak?

I guess the best place to start with is to deal with any situations right away before they become a huge bump in the rug. Don't ignore what you should take a look at. Get your thoughts together and calmly move forward in fixing the situation to the best of your ability. Trust that dealing, instead of sweeping it under a rug is going to work for the good. Ignored bumps in the rug have a way of coming back up to bite us.

No matter what the outcome it is always best to deal with situations that rise up. In the long run it's always better.

Have a wonderful day, thanks for reading, and I guess we should straighten out any messed up rugs!


Don't sweep things under a rug, rugs are supposed to be flat or we will trip on them! ~Ginae


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