It's Just a Thought But...

Listening to the news and reading the Facebook posts this morning got me thinking. When we protest against people and companies that believe in something against what we believe, - are we doing to them what we are protesting against them doing to us? It's just a thought.

Are protesters mad that a certain group of people or certain companies and corporations don't agree with them? Are they threatened that some kind of rights are being taken away from all the masses? But then, think on this, - if we make them agree, if we make them make the changes we are protesting about, if we force our beliefs on someone else, are we not guilty of what we are saying they are doing to us? It's just a thought.

If we do not like something, if we do not like the employer, if we do not like the benefits they offer or the pay... I'm thinking the smart thing to do is go in the opposite direction, don't get a job there, and don't shop there. But, if we continue to do what we are saying they are doing to us.... who are we? It's just a thought.

There is a lot of talk today about someone's right's being taken away, but would we be taking someone else's right's away by forcing them into something? It's just a thought.

Maybe being different from the crowd is not

such a bad thing? And maybe letting others just be themselves also, is okay, too?



Photo by by hin255

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