One Step At a Time

How do we get to the goal we are envisioning? How do we make the dream become a reality? When we want something so bad we can taste it, how do we make it happen?

One Step At a Time...  Yes,... one... step... at... a... time. 

Once we dream the dream or see a vision of the goal, once we get a nudge to do something, the next step to make it happen, - is just the next step and then the next step and then the next step, until we surprise even ourselves, that we are there.

Seeing a goal or envisioning the dream, that will take time, - days, months, and even years to get to, - we must focus only on the next step we can take to get there. See the end result you want and plan for it, because it is going to happen! Put it on a planning board, write it in a daily planner, do whatever it takes for you to "see" it happen, and then put all your focus on the next step only. Remember, one step at a time.

I have found when we focus on all the steps it will take, - all the time, effort or money to get to the goal, - we become so overwhelmed, many of us will give up before we start. The list of accomplishments to get there can be strangling. The how to's, and the growth needed in ourselves will make most dreams look impossible. One negative roadblock we imagine to our goal and we see it as an impasse.


Weight Loss- We have 30 pounds to lose and read a blog that 1 pound a week can be expected when eating low calories and spending everyday in the gym. We've never gone to a gym, so that would be something new, and we've never counted anything, let alone calories. So, immediately we see roadblocks everywhere saying, ROAD BLOCK, DETOUR, ROAD CLOSED, and EXPECT DELAYS. And a huge looking down the road instead of one step at a time is, 1 pound a week? Are you kidding me? I make all these changes, all these sacrifices and I will probably be lucky to only lose 1 pound a week? THAT will take me 30 weeks! Almost a year!...... We give up before planning one step. We want all the steps now, but it is one step at a time that works.

Making New Friends - We just started a new job, we are working full-time and all of our old high school and/or college friends have moved away, gotten married or we've just lost contact, - but we know we've got to get out and meet new people, we have no social life! As we start to think about what this may take to meet a few new friends, we get nervous and sick to our stomachs just picturing it. All the bad experiences with friends we've had in the past float back unwanted in our minds. We start to wonder where all our old friends disappeared too. Why aren't they still around? Is something wrong with me. Thoughts of opening ourselves up to the wrong people, all the work it will take, and all the insecurities of, - will these new people even like me? - bombard our mind to the point of exhaustion. We give up before we even look for that book club, yoga class or new church.

Sound familiar? It does, because that is human nature, to peer to far down the road we haven't travel yet.

One step at a time is to do what we should do toward our goal today. Then tomorrow, which will be our "today" again (when we should be focusing on it), we do what we should do that day.

What is our first step to get where we want to go eventually? Once we have our plan in place towards our goal, we take the first step and we do that only, then after we've done that, we move on to the next step.

Don't look to far ahead. We can plan of course, but we don't get so far down the road we are overwhelmed and heading for roadblocks instead of the open road ahead!

The road is open, so what is the plan? Just focus on that next step, we will get there!

I recently did something really BIG... a huge happening for me! Almost a whole year in the planning. I took it one step at a time and it all unfolded, went smoothly and worked out very successfully! I only experienced anxiety when I peered to far down the road.

Every time I started to stress, I stopped myself and just focused on the next step and then it was fine. I reached my goal and using the wisdom God gave me in the very beginning of it worked! He nudged, I obeyed and by taking it one step at a time, He got me to the next step time after time!



Photo Credit by artur84

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