Should We Quit Staring at the Close Door?

Should we quit staring at the closed door that will not open?

Good question! Let's take a moment and ask ourselves this.

Closed - Blocked, Shut, Restricted, Not Open to Debate, Not Open to Argument, Concluded, Barrier, Formed a Boundary.

Blocked sounds exactly like what it is, a roadblock. We cannot go through or around. Restricted sounds so limited, not for all, and off-limits to some.

Not open for argument, sounds like a waste of time to try, so why try?

So why are we staring at the closed-door? If the door has closed we need to look for an open door!

Open - Accessible to all, Unrestricted, No Boundaries, Free of Limitations, To Remove the Cover, Removed Obstructions.

Accessible to all is exactly what it says. Open to all!

Free of limitations sounds wonderful and something everyone could do.

Removed obstructions is the road is open and doable!

Many of us have seen those closed doors and some of us are staring at one at this moment. Let us believe there is a good reason, one we may not know of right now, but never the less, a very good reason that door just closed. Knowing it has closed for a reason, let us walk away and look for the open door. There are open doors for all of us, we just have to quit wasting time staring at the closed ones.

Open doors are so much more appealing... an open door is inviting, accessible and an opportunity. Turn away from the closed doors and head in the direction of an open door!

May awesome wonderful things come our way as we enter the next journey, the open door!


Photo by phaendin

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