What Can Be Wasting Our Time?

I've been majorly convicted lately on what is wasting my time. When I took a serious look at what is actually wasting my time, I found a distinct correlation to the things that take up my time, to the situations that I know I should not be involved in any way. Time takers then could be the issues, situations and problems that we should 100% walk away from in the beginning. Oh, to know those things before our time has been taken. Are we letting our time be stolen from us by the thief called "issues, problems, and situations?"

When I took a real look, - an honest look at some of the things I spent a lot of time on this past year, I truly found looking back that they were a total waste of time.

There wasn't an exception. Not a one. Bummer right? So, what is wasting your time?

That is the question of the day. Think about it. What is wasting your time? Be honest with yourself.

For most of us, it is situations that we cannot change anyway. People we could not change ever and issues that we simply cannot change with our strength and know how. Hours can be invested in happenings that won't help us, won't be a benefit to anyone, and won't make one iota of a difference. Knowing that, do we really want to give our time to those things or do we want to invest our time into life changers, game changers, and making a difference changers? I think across the board we all want to be changers, shakers, movers, so let's stop wasting time and become "make a difference kind of people!"

It's something to think about as we are going into a fresh New Year! #fivestarlife



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Photo by by Salvatore Vuono FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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