Personal Growth - Looking in the Mirror

I was reflecting and the thought that landed in my head was, personal growth comes from looking in the mirror. When we look in the mirror to check our appearance, we are looking for things out- of-place, - we are double checking to make sure everything is alright, and that nothing is happening with our outward appearance that we would not want to be the expression of ourselves.

For instance, - like something in our teeth.

Have you experienced that moment when you realized something was in your tooth and you had been talking to a group of people and no one told you? Or our zipper was open, or our shirt was not tucked in right. Mirrors can be very important to how we double-check our outside. But what about what's happening on our inside? Is looking in the mirror good for that too?

I think looking in the mirror and seriously taking a peek on the inside, can benefit ourselves too! We need to look at who we really are. Where can we grow and then how can we develop into a better person? What leads us? Where do our thoughts come from? Our we letting something get the best of us because we aren't paying attention to it? Is something not tucked in, are there things are of place? Is there a huge piece of food, so to speak, lodged in our teeth?

I love being challenged and changed. I love growth. Taking a peek at who we are letting ourselves be is good for the soul. Mirrors are truly honest, they don't hide the truth. Mirrors reflect the image of what they see. What is our mirror saying? Who are we imaging ourselves after? What reflection are we putting out into our world for all to see?

Being honest with ourselves is not easy, but good personal growth never comes easy either. The good things don't.

Looking in the mirror is not easy in any fitting room that I know of, so it would be wise to think mirror searching will not always be easy either. But every check in the mirror is beneficial! We need to know the reflection, so we can be wise in what we do with what we find. We wouldn't want to buy a pair of pants that look awful would we?

We wouldn't want to stand up before millions and speak with poppy seeds in our teeth. Well, I'm thinking it's not a great idea to be a gossip, a bully, or a self-centered person either.

Mirrors show we are doing good and on the right road in our reflection or there is a lot of room for improvement. We should take a peek in the mirror today.

Please share this blog post and your mirror experience to someone that can benefit from the share!

Smiles, and thank you for reading! Ginae

When you look in the mirror personal growth comes! ~ Ginae Lee Scott

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