The Day We Say Enough is Enough

I read the book, In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson. I highly recommend it to readers who love Christian Living and Personal Growth books. The message in Batterson's book is a keeper.

When I read this book for a women's church group, - I was also asked to speak on one of the chapters for the group, - I was impressed upon and believe I was shown something in the small story of Benaiah from the bible, that I had never thought of before. The book did not bring this out, - but this is a great thought to add to the book's message.

What I felt and saw in my mind was a game changer. Seeing Benaiah before he's defeats was a thought changer for me also. I'd like to share it with you and I hope it helps you also. And Benaiah son of Jehoiada, a valiant man of Kabzeel, who had done many notable acts, slew two lionlike men of Moab. He went down also and slew a lion in a pit on a snowy day. II Samuel 23:20

In the scripture, in the second book of Samuel, we read that this awesome man of God, Benaiah, did a lot of notable acts. He slew lion-like men and he went down into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion. Wow, impressive right? Right. He was a lion chaser, a man who goes after things, seems like he's not afraid, and a real man of God. He sees something that needs to be done and just goes for it. Again, so impressive!

I was so impressed by Benaiah's story. Wow, what a guy! God needed a Benaiah to go on to great things and then be used as King David's guard. In the book the author really encourages us to be lion chasers! I 100% agree with the author and was so encouraged by reading this book, - again a great book. But how can we be like Benaiah? How can we be lion chasers? And then even bigger, lion slayers?

Let me tell you what was impressed on me, Benaiah was just like us, you and me, a human being made by God. He fought the same things we do, but what he did do, - that was awesome, - was he took the opportunity of a life time and believed God would be with him. I believe Benaiah's story may have happened something like this... the day with the lion in the pit on a snowy day was not Benaiah's first dealing with that lion. I feel like that lion bugged Benaiah for a long time. He probably showed himself, roared and did whatever lions do to scare their prey and I have a feeling Benaiah was that prey at one time. Maybe the lion was in Benaiah's hunting area and had tormented him and his family for years. Or maybe the lion had even hurt or killed someone in Benaiah's family. And maybe it was Benaiah who had dug the pit for the lion to finally be trapped in. Maybe God moved on Benaiah, 'you dig the pit, I will deliver him.' Who knows, but what I feel about that lion is just like the lions in our life... before we move in to kill them, - they have been bugging us for a long time. They have made us afraid, scaring us and then our lions have made us feel like we can't do it, we can't be who we should in God, we can't get the job and we can't be who God wants us to be.

I think Benaiah had that day, the day when he said enough is enough, you've scared me and my family long enough. You are in my territory and you don't belong here! I also believe that Benaiah KNEW God was with him! He knew God had delivered the lion to him to kill. He took that opportunity to glorify God and by that, he had the best lion kill to put on his resume and then Benaiah went on to even greater things!

It is a huge encourager for us to picture who Benaiah could have been before his kills, and I think he was just like us. We can be like Benaiah too, believing in a big God, who can help us do mighty things.

The best way for us to start digging the pit for the lions in our life, - is to picture, in total faith, that God is in our next step. Picture Him there right now. He is there, mentally see it, and feel it right now. That feeling is what I think Benaiah received from God the moment he moved towards the lion. Benaiah knew that it was a go. The lion was ready to be slain. With this new insight we should go forth knowing He is with us also! God wants us to succeed more than we do. He is constantly cheering us on!

I wonder how big our lion enemy is anyway, how big is he when we put him in the pit on a snowy day... I don't think he's as big as we make him out to be. He's probably like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, all roars to scare us but if we said BOO in the Name of Jesus, he would probably run and cry.

Who knows what happened leading up to that day Benaiah slayed a lion in a pit on a snowy day, but looking at it with this possibility, - also makes it possible for us to see ourselves slaying some lions in the future. Enough is enough, and God is with us! Let's get out there and slay some lions!

I love readers to respond to the post, looking forward to hearing from you!

Smiles! Ginae

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