Your Diet = Your Health

We are hearing a lot of information in the news about the foods we eat. Don't eat that, eat more of this and the top foods we should never eat. It can be very overwhelming! Before we even start eating right, we want to give up! 75% of deaths are caused by what we eat. We can be digging our own graves with our mouths.

Toxic Farming, Deficient Foods, Nutritionally Dead Foods, are some of the big ones.

We are battling a real issue here. Our health is important. We have to be well to maintain a full life!

The basic information we can start with is this, if we are not eating raw live foods, we are eating dead food.

Diet = Health Whole form of a food = Superfood!

3 Nutritional Keys -


PH Balanced - Alkaline foods are vegetables and fruits. Acid forming ... all other foods.

Probiotic - Helps with good bacteria and toxin elimination.

To help stop free-radical damage eat fruits and veggies. 1 Serving = 1/2 cup Eat 7-10 servings a day.

Whole foods have what vitamins we need. Eat the Rainbow! Eat all colors of whole foods, fruits and vegetables.

Eat green to clean your blood. Simple... but not easy.

Allergies, Joint Pain, Tired, Digestion Problems, Diarrhea, Bad Breath and Difficult Weight Loss are warning signs of to many bad bugs in you. Start today with changing up some of your meal plans. Simple... not easy. But it can be done, we can do it!

When we don't eat right our own body pulls out important stuff to help with digestion. Our own kidneys will take calcium from our bones. We can burn our own kidneys out with all the acid foods. Let's help ourselves and make up plates full of live whole foods. Add water everyday, it will help stop headaches and bodyaches!

Simple... not easy... but can be the best change in your health!

* Stop Swallowing Pills and Eat Whole Foods!

* Eat raw or lightly steam and stir-fry veggies. Fruits, and limit for sugar levels.

* Make simple homemade dips, rice, beans, chicken, and fish to be the garnish on your plate.

I am cheering you on as I cheer myself on to wholeness, and good health!

Enjoy good health,


"You Will Never Get Tired of Being Healthy." ~ Ginae

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