Do Not Belittle Yourself

Staying positive and keeping healthy thoughts about yourself is not always easy. There are a lot of loose opinions out there that fly around like cannon balls that we must dodge daily. Sometimes words aren't said but we get the feeling that we aren't quite measuring up to a person's expectations. We get the sense we are being judged.

I have found we can waste a lot of time trying to win someone over who will never see us in the true light of who we are. Stop. Stop trying to be who that person wants to control. Be YOU.

I had to add this cute photo I took from a farm market in West Michigan, - we are all individual, that's what makes us special.

Surrounding ourselves with positive people who will take the time to see us for who we are, accept us for who we are, and yes, even with our faults, because they focus on the good and bring the good out in us , - is the best!

Cut off the negative. If we are cutting ourselves down because of what we sense from someone, and we are always belittling ourselves to get their acceptance because we KNOW we are not measuring up to them in one way or another, - run. Yes, run. Make a beeline in the opposite direction.

Some people will only like, and love people who are just like them. They will only like us if they can control us and mold us to being just like them. The world is a great place of variety. We were made equal but not alike. The mold was broken with each of us! The world does not need millions of the same, the world needs us to be who we are!

Surround yourself with good, positive people and keep your thoughts positive and healthy about yourself!

Relationships should be healthy. Positive brings out positive.

Smile, and love yourself today! Be Blessed, Ginae

Recommended reading, Five Star God and Separate Yourself From the Accuser. Photo Credit - by Ginae, at a Farm Market in West Michigan.

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