Ahh... a New Book!

Don't you love holding a new book? Fanning through the pages for the first time. The feel of the binding stretching to life. I do the same thing with a new book, I first read all the information on the cover, both front and back, then the inside information and then I dig into the whole new world brought to me on paper. I go places I've never gone before. I think on things I've never thought of before. Books can be like a major road trip, an overseas trip to a far away land or an emotional life changing trip, can't they? Either way it is living! And living is learning something new about yourself and those around you, which is such an essential point to life. I know some people don't understand the love of books and it's hard to explain it to those who have not found it. And that's okay, we teach by example! Keep reading and finding the time to read!

It is something though, that once tasted, you can't go back to the old boring life you had without a book. And why would you want to, right? We can go anywhere in the world we want to with a book.

With a book, we can see, hear, feel and dream about so much more than the few feet surrounding us right now at this moment.

A huge plus to reading, - I love what I learn. I like being challenged to be a better person, and just to know a little more on lots of subjects. The one bad thing about being a book lover is, we could never read all the books in one lifetime. Sort of sad if we dwell on that thought.

Enjoy yourself as you fan through the pages of a new book. Or click the arrow to turn the page on your device, - not the same as paper, but a book is a book, right? Starting a book club is another great way to enjoy a new book!

Smiles to your reading day!


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