Are Your Promises Tucked Away?

Have you asked things of God in the past and you are still waiting for them? Did you experience a time when you knew for sure God promised he would take care of it? Are you still holding onto a promise from God but it has not been answered? Have you like so many others, tucked your promises away…. Or do you have the attitude, “why bring the promises out and remind God, nothing will happened anyway.”

Are your promises tucked away, drawing dust and forgotten?

It seems there is an old pantry tucked against the wall, in a forgotten room. Inside the pantry it smells old and musty. The doors have not opened in a long time. The promises tucked away and hidden inside have long been forgotten. They are behind several items, they cannot be seen when the doors are opened. Is that where your dreams and promises are?

You do not feel worthy to remind God again... You do not think He loves you enough to remember your needs... You feel forgotten... You are not good enough... Those thoughts are all lies. But, they will become our truth if we believe them.

God does not need to be reminded. We do not need to open the pantry and take those promises out and remind God of anything. God wants us to take those promises out and remind ourselves! We need to remember! We need to be reminded that He is an answering God!

Dust off your tucked away and forgotten promises. Remember them. God wants us to remember because He has never forgotten.

Empty out the pantry. Do it today and remember! What is important to you, is important to God.

Have a beautiful day,


Photo credit; by Ginae in the streets of Grand Rapids, MI


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