Unexplained Pain in the Body?

Pain is often a symptom for inflammation. Inflammation can start slowly, sometimes without you knowing it, and continue until it causes some major health problems.

Do you ever have body pains, stiffness, skin problems, indigestion, swelling or weight gain? I am not a doctor, but one cause of this could be your diet. You could have a gluten intolerance also. Again, changing your diet will help!

Even if you feel healthy right now, eating well is always good. It can never hurt!

We should be eating fresh produce, nuts, seeds and olive oil. The pre-packaged foods should be the bare minimal necessities, if at all. As I grocery shop I'm trying to stay away from all of the aisles that are not fresh food, I walk right by them on purpose. I find myself buying less and less in a traditional grocery store.

My pantry closet is storing a lot less boxes and junk food. You'll not be without, believe me, because as good health comes to you, you will want junk food and boxed dead food less. There's a lot of good things to eat, make sure you have them around so you will not feel like you are doing without. You will not be without… but you may be without pain! Wouldn’t that be an improvement? ...no pain!

Take an Omega-3, a probiotic, a good daily vitamin/mineral, improve your diet and get a good nights sleep! Any questions or concerns talk to your Doctor!

Smiles to your day and your good health,


Photo by Ginae at a West Michigan Market.

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