Sometimes a Cupcake Helps

I love promoting healthy living. I love sharing any of the health wisdom I have learned in my years. I love promoting positive thinking, eating more  healthy whole foods, I promote and say enjoy your life, be who you want to be, live your life...

But sometimes you just have to eat that cupcake!

This is a fun way to say, - you just have to have that moment... you just have to allow yourself to feel mad, feel sad, hate something... or in other words, eat that cupcake!

Do I promote positive thinking? You bet I do! Do I promote a healthier lifestyle?

I sure do! I also believe we shouldn't waste any time thinking the opposite.

I also believe we shouldn't waste any time doing the opposite.

But... reality is reality, things happen and sometimes we just have to eat that cupcake! When eating the cupcake, enjoy it! Enjoy yourself and then get it out of your system. Be honest and don't hold yourself back. Take that moment for yourself, be real, feel it, taste it, eat it! Then smile big, I mean really big, and get yourself back on your track, your goal, your life!

Do not feel guilty about being real. Do not feel bad if life has let you down, - it has let us all down for a moment, so to speak.

Love yourself, & love your cupcakes.

Even on a good day, there are times you just have to have a cupcake, a real cupcake with sprinkles and frosting!         

Smiles to you day,


Sometimes, blessings come in the form of a cupcake. ~ Ginae Lee Scott

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