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Do you sit at a desk all day? I did too, - until recently. I worked for eight months straight one year on the re-formatting my books for Kindle. I sat a lot! I noticed my legs were starting to ache everyday. I did get up and do things throughout the day but I really felt a change in my legs. Then one day in the middle of that period of time, I saw an interview on TV with someone from, Steelcase, and they were talking about Steelcase's new stand-up desk. The company spokesperson was talking about the health benefits from standing instead of sitting all day. They spoke on the blood flow and oxygen flow to our legs when sitting all day.

Made total sense to me because I was already noticing something wrong in myself. Then a family member, who is a doctor, told us he has a stand-up desk because of the health benefits. I didn't need anymore hints to recognize maybe a stand-up desk was for me.

I have my home office in a den with a desk, - which works for quick sits, to do quick work, but I want to stand more and sit less as I work, so, when I switched to the stand-up desk idea, I brought a lap desk and with height adjustments and it works perfect at my kitchen island for my stand-up desk. I may one day invest in a sit or stand desk in the den, but for now I went for "looks" in that rooms decor instead.

In a perfect world I'd have an extra room in my home to do what I really want to do, but since I don't, I have to find areas that will work and tools to make my work at home work for me. Since I paint, and write, I would have counter height built-ins then I could stand and do both in my studio/office.... well, maybe one day...

I attached a few links to what I found and like for my office needs. We can get real creative with this. If you have the area and like something custom done to your height, go for it. Built-in's are great too!

Those are just a few ideas and there are many more out there, but this will help you to get thinking.

Remember good shoes or if working at home, Orthaheel slippers are great for your feet and back support.

Let us know how this works for you!

Have a smiled filled day,


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