Book Clubbing Can Be Fun!

Are you a reader or would like to read more? Do you stick with one genre or read several?

If you are a reader or have fallen off the reader wagon, start a book club!

Book clubs are fun and can be very social. A church, work, friend or neighborhood book club could be the best regular social event! I have been in a book club now for several years and have read several books I would normally never have read if the picking out was just up to me. Some books I have loved, liked, and others not so well. What I have liked though is reading from several different genres.

A few ideas for a book club; 1. Have a once a month book club at work. During lunch meet and discuss the book. Bring a dish to pass for extra fun. 2. Have a once a month book club at church on a special night. Maybe a dessert to pass, something simple but full of social fun. A great way to get to know the people you go to church with on a different level. 3. Have a girls night once a month or every few months with a new book to have read. Share cheese, crackers and wine at someone's home. 4. A great book club idea is, - read your own books, then bring them and talk about them. Good or bad, everyone can make recommendations and get new ideas for a good book. 5. A planned summer trip with friends? Pick a book ahead of time and discuss it at the beach. 6. Your local library doesn't have one? You help them get a community one going. 7. Local bookstores would be a fun place to get a book club going.

Reading, getting out of the house, getting together with friends, making new friends, - are all great things! Put them together and we have a book club!

Smiles to your reading fun,


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