Laughter is Good Medicine & Free!

We have heard for years, laughter is the best medicine, well, guess what? It is one of the best medicines we have available to us. It's free, so take as much as you need, the supply will not run out. Laugh. Smile.

Now, smile, big. Go ahead, just smile right now as you are reading this. I double dog dare you.

See! You are releasing healing into your body right now. Read joke books, rent comedy movies, turn off the news for a while, call someone who you can laugh with, have fun, be merry. Even if you don’t feel it, do it.

Laugh, smile, then laugh, then smile, make yourself do it, go ahead and give it a try.

Tell yourself and say it out loud, “I will laugh,

I will feel the laughter around me, I will release laughter in my life today.”

Laughter releases endorphins into your body. It will help relieve stress. It's very good for your overall health. It can't hurt, so try it!

Find laughter, turn a bad situation around and look at the funny part of it. I have recently done this and it works. Start Laughing! Take any hurtful words said to you and make a joke out of them with people you can trust, before you know it the laughter will start. The hurt can start healing and we will better before we know it.

Big smiles to your day,


A merry heart does good like a medicine. Proverbs 17:22

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