Check Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium. We need calcium for normal bone formation and other good health reasons. The body makes Vitamin D when our skin in directly exposed to the sun. But few of us are getting our vitamin D levels up that way, so eating foods with vitamin D in them, for nutrition, is essential.

Very few foods naturally have vitamin D, here are a few;


*Dairy Products

*Fatty Fish


*Fortified breakfast cereals, soy milk, and margarine. (Check labels)

Vitamin D may help with Cancer, Heart Disease, Strokes, Bone Fractures, diabetes and depression.

A lot of us have a Vitamin D deficiency and we don’t have to have low levels.

Have your Vitamin D levels checked the next time you see your doctor. Don’t put off something very easy to do. Be of Good Health!

I take 5000+ I.U. daily and try to keep my levels around 75. I heard a doctor talk about the average adult could be 8,000 I.U. a day to keep levels up to 70-75. 

Years ago I had my doctor look at my recent chart, my vitamin D levels were 32. No one told me I needed higher levels to be considered. I had health issues that year, coincidence or what?

I'm a survivor, thank God, but why wasn't I told my levels were below healthy?

Double check what your doctor has on your chart. My doctor couldn't give me a reason as to why that wasn't pointed out to me after my physical and blood work.

Do some research for yourself, and talk to your doctor, hopefully you have a doctor that will put you on the right track!

Smiles to your health! Ginae

Vitamin D is, without question, the miracle nutrient of the century. ~ Mike Adams, natural health researcher and author.

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