Keep the Ball Rolling

Let’s keep the ball rolling,

the domino's falling, pass to your right, catch from the left, open the door, shut the drawer, see the need, help the need, give, receive, see the hurt, heal the hurt, grab a small hand, hold a big hand, smile more, smile back, wave hello, blow a kiss, pick up the fallen, lift the broken, run to someone, receive a hug, give a hug, let someone love you, tell someone you love them, take the phone call, call someone, write the letter, read a book, send a card, enjoy flowers, send flowers, plant flowers, water flowers, look to your left, look to your right, see what you saw, believe, feel, be happy, allow joy, be positive, seek, find, share, love, try, persist, move forward, go, don’t stop, be healthy, think, share thoughts, have mercy, receive mercy, be good, feel good, choose, touch, reach, hold on, let go,

the ball is rolling… its up to you.

This is kind of a pass the sand bag sort of thought. but when we work together as a team, it's amazing what could happen!

Smiles to your day,


Keep the Ball Rolling by Ginae Lee Scott Photo by

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