Un-Clutter Your Life, May Start at Home

Some of my girlfriends and I were gabbing the other day about the clutter we hoard in our basements, garages, closets and kid's rooms. None of us like the clutter and all our faces made the ewww look talking about it. Each of us had our own pet peeves about an area in our home.

Unwanted clutter makes a negative impact on our lives. Disorganization in our homes can contribute to bringing our mood down and make a mess out of our lives.

Clutter can control us. UN-clutter our home, our kitchen, our closets and we will UN-clutter our life.

I don't know about you, but I really can't get on with my day the way I want too, when the unwanted clutter is all around me. Clutter actually has a negative impact on our lives. It can change your world, mess it up to be exact. Being in a mess, - messes with you! Just picture it... we look around the kitchen when we first get up in the morning and it needs a major overhaul, we were happy a few seconds ago and wham! Those dishes in the sink, the junk on the kitchen table has just made an impact on us. Probably a negative one, at least it is for me.

I've timed a few things at night just for the fun of it, all the things my family left behind for the next day for me to deal with... only took 3 to 10 minutes to put away. When the kids were little and didn't want to make their bed, I timed that for them also, under 2 minutes to make the bed! When they realized that, they would make their bed everyday without complaints.

Anyhoo, to be ready for our day, everyday, we may need to take a look at how we can simplify things.

UN-clutter our space will UN-clutter our days! UN-clutter our days will UN-clutter our minds!

It may take a few days to get there, maybe even weeks for some of us but let's do it! UN-clutter that space that gets to you. Don't let it mess with you! Take charge, take control over that clutter.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~Leonardo DaVinci

If we don't like cleaning, we can hire someone to clean and help the economy! A housekeeper may be just the answer for us and a great bonus into the life of who we hire. Donating all those beautiful clothes that don't fit and we haven't worn them in years anyway, if we're being honest.

* Garage sales work great for the extra fun money to UN-clutter.

* Buy containers and have the kids put their own items away.

Green for toys, blue for books... you get the idea.

Our goal is to wake-up, grab some coffee and look around our space and sigh in blissful peace at the beautiful morning! My advice, do not have dishes staring at you in the sink if that is something that could affect your mood in the morning.

We need to be our best and an extra 20 minutes a day/or night, putting the stuff away, may do it for most of us. UN-Clutter! Even those of you who love a little clutter, that is your way to a comfy home... that's fine but there is something if you look around that is distracting you, too. Take care of that distraction so you are on top of your day!

Well, when us girls ended our conversation, - I decided I would attack an area in my garage, a clean garage makes me feel good, one friend has a housekeeper who does it for her, so she was going to add a few things to her list, a few girlfriends are thinking about hiring someone, another decided to just bulldoze their garage, haha! And lastly, one friend is hiring an organizer. Great idea for those who can't get started on their own!

Smiles to your day,


Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

~William Morris

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