Gluten Free Eating

I have been told for years a gluten-free diet would be good for me. I went gluten-free a while ago and even kept a journal on how much better I felt. I felt great, my joints had stopped hurting, I even lost 8 pounds without trying. Then preparing food for my family, restaurants, and just getting lazy, I slowly put all the gluten products back into my life. If I felt bloated, then I would cut back on bread and pizza. If I ached, I headed towards the Advil. I would buy crackers and pastas that were gluten-free when my symptoms were really bad. But I didn't take gluten completely out of my diet. Why I didn’t stop and go back to 100% gluten-free, I am not sure. I am a disciplined person, I could do it, but I didn’t. I don't think I knew how important it really was for my overall health.

I had a small-bump in my health. A wake-up call so to speak. All I could hear and feel through this situation was nutrition, nutrition, - I was to look at what I was eating. I felt I was to focus on what I was putting in my body. Did I need to re-evaluate what I ate. Was my body trying to tell me something?

Our body knows. Listen to it!

I am not going to see this as a negative and neither should you if you've had health problems. If you should eat gluten-free then it is wonderful that you even know that! We should be thankful that this wonderful wisdom about our nutrition has come to us. Even more thankful that there are wonderful, healthy products out there for us to have a pasta salad, pancakes or a little something sweet once in a while. I’ve heard some of the products seem expensive compared to the other products we have bought in the past. But are they really expensive when your good health is concerned? I feel I eat less junk food and that is where the expense in food adds up. Think about it, if we are eating healthy, we are probably eating and craving less food.

All the sugar products, pop, candy etc. is very expensive, at the grocery store it will cost us lots of money and our health cost is too high. A loaf of gluten-free bread or a box of gluten-free pasta is not expensive when our good health is what is in the balance.

Don’t focus on your symptoms, - focus and think about the good health you want. See it and believe it is! Walk in the wisdom and the knowledge you’ve been given. It was a gift towards your good health. Receive the gift!

One of my favorite foods is a delicious turkey burger! I have them on a yummy hamburger bun, too. A gluten-free hamburger bun. I use Kinnikinnick Hamburger buns. They are so good, so yummy, you will wonder why you hadn’t used them all along. There are a lot of other companies now, see what your local stores provide.

I love that I am not doing without to walk in good health. When we feel like we still have good choices for our food it makes it easier to eat better. No one wants to chew on cardboard!

We are on the right track! Say with me… "Good health is for me! Good health will flow out of me! I will walk in good health, and I’m blessed!"

Smiles to your day,


Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. ~JimRohn

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will counsel you and watch over you. ~Psalm 32:8

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