Powerful Word, - Forgiveness

Let's talk about forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a powerful word, it can make us squirm, it can make us relieved, we can seek it, beg for it at times, or not want to give it.

When we have been offended, hurt, accused, betrayed by someone we will experience the need to forgive them. That is not necessarily the easiest thing to do, but it is truly the needed thing to do, not for them, but for us.

To forgive is to let go of the anger, hurt, bitterness, revengeful thoughts and move forward. What someone has done to us may never go away, we do not have to deny what they did, but forgiving them will take the junk off of us, then they will have to deal with the offense alone. Hopefully the other person will come to the same place, that will be up to them.

It won't get us anymore, so to speak, if we walk in forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not just for them, but it is for US. There are great benefits to forgiving.

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future." ~ Paul Boose

We will lower our risk of substance abuse and alcohol abuse. We will have healthier relationships with others, have spiritual and mind wellness, less stress and hostility, lower blood pressure, and other health issues.

Why do we hold unto the offense and we have not forgiven?

Usually we are going over it, and over it, in our head. How could they do this? How could I have let them? Why did I get myself in this place? Why? Why? We focus on all the negative and then the negative keeps bringing negative. A positive thought will be foreign to us.

We can keep focusing on the injustice of the situation. Was there an injustice? I am sure there was. Did someone hurt us? Probably yes. Did someone run over our feelings? Again, probably yes. Yes, to it all.

But... lets talk about us.

Look at how we will benefit from letting go and forgiving. Reflect on how this has made us feel and our well-being. See how we are living in the past and not the future, OUR future.

When we are ready, choose to forgive them. Do this for ourselves.

Now, we need to walk down the path that we are no longer the victim but the strong one who has chosen to move past this and FORGIVE.

We are now the one with the power. We do have a choice. Walk in the power of forgiveness.

We will reap the goodness of better relationships now. We will live NOW. We will have purpose again. A balance in our spiritual life again. We can get reconnected to people again. We will not be wrapped up in the past, it will not cover everything we do and think.

We will be set FREE.

Smiles to you,


“Man has two great spiritual needs. One is for forgiveness. The other is for goodness.” ~ Billy Graham


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