Accountability in life is important.

I've been thinking lately about the word accountability, and it's meaning. My husband and I had a great conversation about the meaning of accountability in our own lives... what having to be accountable has meant to us.

Accountability to my husband and my children, I do believe has helped me be a better person over the years.

When I was married at a young age, the accountability to my husband helped me to take life more serious, be responsible, and be faithful to someone in all things. Not that I didn't have some of those qualities already, but I do believe it sealed them for me in my life. Then I had my first child, our son and looking into his eyes on the day he was born made me be a better person right on the spot. I took life more serious, I became less selfish in the way it wasn't only me to think about now, and I even drove better. Yes, I drove better because I wanted to make it home safe to him and if he was in the car, well, you better believe I drove better. I had purpose, I had a reason to be accountable!

Then another child came, - we had a beautiful daughter, - another little sweetie to be a mommy too... another reason to be good at being a mother. We went to church for our children, we had family dinners, family vacations, family time, - we had a family. We had something important that kept us together, kept us on time, kept us doing what was right. It was not all self. Having my family kept me focused on giving. There are blessings in giving! And huge blessings in accountability!

Then we were blessed again with another daughter. Another pair of beautiful brown eyes to care for, to care about. Yes, having something to care about helps us to be a better person.

Most of the time - it not what we do for them, but what having to do for them, does for us!

My life has truly been blessed from having others in it that I felt I had to be accountable for!

Single? Find good friends you trust and stay accountable in areas you feel you may need to do so.

The Boss? Find peers you can trust and keep your work accountable.

Single, Mom or Dad, be accountable to your children.

Financial problems, get financial help.

Married, be accountable to each other.

Want to lose weight? Join a weight loss program.

Want better health, find a professional to help you.

Is there something you want to attain in your life? Be accountable!

Life is not perfect, it never has been, nor will it ever be, but we can help ourselves by being accountable. Think of what being accountable will save us from. I know God puts people in our lives to help us, to keep us, and to give us a purpose!

Who knows where I would be if I had the free reign to do whatever I pleased, and not accountable to anyone? Oh boy... that might not have been a good thing!

Accountability is my new favorite word!

Smiles to your day,


Accountability by Webster - the quality or state of being accountable; especially an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions, public officials lacking accountability.

Accountability breeds responsibility. ~ Stephen R. Covey

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