You Are Not the Bad Situation

The bad thing that is happening right now...   

is not who we are. Even if there are twenty bad things happening right at this moment it is not who we are.

We may have just lost our job, or we are broke, maybe our boyfriend or girlfriend has just left us, or our husband or wife is moving on without us, it could be our children are uncontrollable, or for the life of us, we cannot get back into that size 6 part of our closet, maybe our mother is ill, or our home is being foreclosed on, if we are lucky enough to have a good job, we hate it...

again, any of these bad situations and more...

do not make who we are! It does not define the true us.

The situations are happening to us, and most are out of our control, but they are not US!

Sit back, breath and get some balance. Do not, and I say again, do not let these situations define who we are. Do not let the unpaid bills define us. We should not define ourselves by these things. They are so temporary. Yes, they seem to go on and on at times... when will you get a break, right? Some of us have been searching for a job for three years. Some of us have been searching for a mate for even longer. Some of us don't know what we want anymore because "bad situations" seem to be all we have had.

We need to separate ourself from what is going on and be us. Let the ourselves come forth again without all the troubles. Man is born of few days before trouble starts, so we know we'll have trouble, but let us stop letting the trouble define who we truly are.

Love yourself enough today to not let the rejection define you, love yourself enough today to not let the rude people define you. Love yourself enough to not let temporary situations define who you are. Remember, the happenings are happening to you, but they do not define you!

"Troubles are not you, they are separate from you... do not let them define who you are." ~ Ginae

Get a hold of a good friend and enjoy a cupcake.

Smile today and love YOU!


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