Love Yourself

Have you found yourself in situations that you are judging yourself, condemning yourself, or found yourself in relationships that you are so needy, you need them to like you? You need something good to happen so you can justify yourself... - like yourself? You need to feel love, you're starving for it? Desperation even comes up to choke you once in a while? It happens to the best of us.

What is happening, is that you need to love you.

A shocking flip of the coin isn't it? Here we are on this journey, experiencing life, searching, looking, needing, and sometimes we are so desperate in our need... we don't know what's wrong. Why is this always happening to me? Why can't I get it right? What's wrong with me? These are our wonderful thoughts that can drive us crazy right? Right. The flip side of this coin is change.

Yes, I just said the fun word, change.

Change your thoughts. You need to love yourself, you need to see your good.

Quit judging yourself, stop it!

Look at the good in you, it is there and someone needs to see it, starting with YOU! Love yourself.

No one can love you in pure love until you love you. Love yourself, better yet like yourself!

This is the very key element in your relationships... starting with your relationship with yourself.

Open your heart to you, then to others. Love, feel love, open the doors, stop shutting them on you.

There is an abundance of love out there. There really is, believe it, it is true. Cast down the thoughts there is not enough for you. There is more than enough for all of us, it will not run out. Start loving and forgiving.

On the forgiveness, start with yourself. You must forgive yourself. We are so hard on ourselves when we don't measure up to our own perfection. We can measure ourselves everyday to a perfection in our own mind! We can be our worse enemy. We can see every flaw and criticize it. We walk judging ourselves, seeing our flaws, pointing out every mistake. Wake up! We can do this to our-self.

Stop it and start loving YOU!

When you start loving you, your relationships with people will be fulfilling. You will not be

making your choices by searching for a needy love, it will be a choice, your choice.

Your choices will improve also.

Love you first. Yes, love you first, then move on. The results will be awesome, the choices you make will be awesome. You will no longer feel the desperation, you will feel complete.



You are never alone, if you love you. You must love YOU. ~ Ginae Lee Scott

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