A moment is a brief, indefinite interval of time. A particular period of importance, influence, value.

As I have walked through this world I have had some awesome moments... not minutes, not hours, not days, nor months or years, but awesome, wonderful moments. I believe I go from one awesome moment to the next.

Moments in time can have a lot more meaning, a lot more impact on our lives than hours or days.

In a moment things can change. In a moment we can be changed. In a moment we can feel more than we have felt the entire day.

I wish I could bottle up some of those moments and keep them for a raining day. Those special moments can touch us anywhere... we could be driving behind the wheel of a car and be so touched by a thought that passes through our mind or a ray of sunshine could lightly shine down on a field with horses running and in that moment we have to take a deep breath because we are so touched by what we are witnessing.

We can be minding our own business, day dreaming, not aware at all that you are about to experience something wonderful and then the moment comes. A small child looks up at us in innocence... we have enough money in the bank for the need...our parent is going to be okay...we got the job...we look around our home and everything really is okay... we take a sip of your warm coffee and feel that warmth spread through our bones... we are taken unaware of the peace of the moment...

I love when the moment hits us and we feel our heart swell, we breathe the moment in hoping to catch it, - to capture it. The imprint marches across our soul and we hope we'll never forget how we feel just at that moment.

We need to stop and let the moment touch us! Close our eyes and do our best to remember exactly what we are feeling. Smile and let the moment happen. Be happy, be content, be real... the moment will only last a moment but it is just for us!

In a moment we can change our world. In a split second we can make it better, we will only have a moment to make the decision to do so... but that very special moment will give us the chance.

The moment we smile will make a difference in someones world, the moment we decide to say a kind word will start a healing, the moment we reach out and give a hug will change that person's life forever, the moment we start giving... the world changes, the moment we pick up the phone puts something special into motion, the moment we start to care makes the world a caring place...

Yes, everything really is okay...those are the moments I am talking about. The moment we realize we have options, we have hope, there is someone out there who cares, the sun will come up another day, the clouds will clear, the flowers will bloom, the gray will turn to blue...

Breathe, take a deep breath, close your eyes and enjoy the moment...



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