Relationships at the Work Place

Wouldn't we like to know what is going on with certain people at the work place?

How can some co-workers, get away with bad behaviour, - especially with all the people needing a job out there? I've been a little shocked this past few years with who has a job and who doesn't.

I've been mentoring people for years and I've heard all sorts of stories with real problems and real issues in the workforce. I've experienced some of them myself. What I'm still amazed about is how does this go on and on and nothing is done about it? How are bad behaviour co-workers allowed to continue to act unprofessional, abusive, immature, and unkind. How are certain coworkers, team leaders, and managers allowed to treat people, that work for them or with them, without a conscience? How do they treat people so bad and without loosing their job? These are the questions that stump us. After hearing of certain situations in the workforce, that is open and close, - a very bad situation, - and it is allowed, I'm just mind blown.

My heart hurts and I'm really feeling for the people who really need their jobs for life sustaining needs and they have to go to work on pins and needles everyday, not knowing what is in store for them on that daily basis from a bad behaviour co-worker.

Let me say this as kind as I can, - no one, has a right to abuse, yell, take out on, dump out expectations higher than humanly possible, judge, and/or look down their nose at anyone.

Who do we think we are if we behave this abusive? Where is our compassion?

Some bad behaviour co-workers would justify themselves and their behaviour saying, "Well, they weren't doing a good job, they were lazy, or they should not have done this or that, and I needed to be the one to let them know." There are those who think they are above everyone too, and use the position they have over everyone below them.

Harassment - aggressive pressure or intimidation.

No one has the right to be aggressive, pressure us or use intimidation against us.

No one has the right to scare us, ask for favors, or use their position or the safe keeping of our job against us.

There are times when people aren't doing a good job and need to be corrected or encouraged, -but, not ever abused due to falling short in an area.

I'm not talking about a bad employee here, I'm talking about the times when a secretary is yelled at for making a mistake on the new phone system. Or the new employee who does not know what's going on and was not given a job description because the person yelling at them did not do their job and tell them. I'm talking about jealous coworkers because the new employee is thin and pretty. Or the employee who wanted the job and someone else was promoted instead.

If we are the bad boss or co-worker, walking without a conscience, having no remorse, no moral or ethical judgement, no sense of what is right, then we are without boundaries and we are WRONG.

If we are screaming at a coworker, who just made a mistake, without any compassion we are WRONG.

If a new employee is making mistakes due to their lack of training and we are abusive to them, we are WRONG. If we have had a phone call transferred to us by mistake? - and we scream at the top of our lungs to the secretary in the break room, we are WRONG.

If we are the bad coworker, we need to change! Speak kinder. There are 2 ways to say something, take the kind road. We have no right to stress people out, or be abusive. If we are behaving in this manner the problem is us. We need to get control over ourselves and be a helper to our co-workers.

If you are the employee who is being mistreated, hang on! Prayers for YOU right now for better days!

We should double check ourselves and make sure we are doing a good job, - it's always good to look in the mirror! Double checking ourselves first, helps us to take a second look at the situation. Taking that second look at ourselves in any situation is not saying we could have done anything different to help the situation, but it helps to put ourselves in the place of peace and the confidence we've done everything we could and now we can move forward.

Write down the events and keep a journal on the abuser at work, you may need this to track the accounts of their behaviour.

Keep your head up and keep smiling... what goes up, will eventually come down. Keep doing a good job, never give someone reason to dump their lies and accusations on you. Check out the company policies and see who you may have to talk with on the situation, the Human Resource Departments are there to help you.

Keep your eyes and ears open for a new job, just in case some departments/companies won't change. You are in control of your life... remember that.

Keep sending up kindness, smiles and compassion, because what goes up, comes back down.

Those nasty coworkers? All they will get in life, if they don't change, will be what they send up.

Think about it, it will be nasty for them when it all comes back down. That is a for sure.

So... never waste a moment from this time on and worry about them, but in your compassion, pray for them, they need it.

Take care of yourself... smile and enjoy your life. Try and enjoy your job, too.

Don't let those nasty people define your job or who you are!




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