where do our thoughts come from? sometimes we get the craziest things traveling through our mind. our dreams can be awesome or weird. sometimes when I wake up in the morning, i'd loved to remember what i was just doing or seeing in my dreams, because i was in very unusual places or involved in something i totally did not recognize at all. going through my day i'm amazed at some of the things that i think. so, where is all of that coming from?

thoughts come, and thoughts, go. right?

some are negative, provoking, good, imaginative, stupid, weird, true or pure.

we get thoughts all the time in our head... just don't let the bad ones take root in our heart.

i'm saying the statement above because we can have the most critical thoughts, and the most condemning thoughts, travel through our mind. as they take their journey, we can think on them and believe we are feeling them, - that they are ours, which will help us own them. most thoughts aren't ours. a lot of them can be put there to condemn. to keep us also from growing into the beautiful person we were meant to be, and keep us from our life purpose.

i believe in thinking positive and i have to build myself up every day, and on a 24 hour basis.

i don't think we ever get to a place, that we don't have to rebuild ourselves back up in what we know is our purpose, God's vision of us, and what we truly know to be true and pure. having peace and confidence in what God's sees in us will help. we need to know and have confidence in that. we need to take a mind stand on the good things of God.

without thinking, I find myself cutting my body down, feeling less than adequate, and unbelief.

those are the thoughts we don't let take root in our heart.... we don't believe them. we replace them with something positive. for instance, the body, - no one is perfect and we really should rock the body we have and take care of it, - because we really aren't different from anyone else.

our goals have been put in our heart because we should move towards them and see them happening. being a believer in something, - our belief is just being attacked by the unbeliever.

a little doubt planted doesn't take long for a root to grow.

bring every thought into captivity. II Cor. 10:5

none of it is worth us letting it take root in our mind or our heart. keep your heart, guard it.

smiles to your day and may the blessings be upon it,


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