Does Our Child Bully?

There are a lot of YouTube videos and news worthy reports out there on bullying. Some of the stories are more than devastating.

Some of the stories are so unfair we almost can't believe they are true. A lot is being talked about on the suffering of children and teenagers who are being bullied so we need to be informed, and we need to stay on top of this if we have children.

This is one of the most important issues right now in our day.

As I watched the YouTube videos, I wondered how many parents ask themselves if their child or teenager is the bully? I believe this is something every parent should ask themselves.

What examples are our children hearing at home? Are we on the phone cutting people down? Do we say things about people in the mall as we walk by them. Do our children hear fat begot jokes, racial jokes and so on from us? Do we judge people by what they wear? Are we the adult bully sending a bad example to our children?

What we put importance on could very well give our children a bully attitude. Our child has no right to bully, but they may think they do by our very own examples. Eye opening isn't it? It's just a thought every parent should ask themselves today.

No one has the right to trample on another life, no one! Right? It is very important we check ourselves.

Are we giving permission to our child to judge another life... to bully?

Is sports, spelling bees, looks, weight, clothes, cheer-leading, popular status, homecoming, and who's dating who - so important to us that our child doesn't have a chance but to look down upon anyone who is not on our checklist? Something to think about parents...

Have we overheard this kind of behavior from our child and have not stopped it? If we don't truly know what's going on with our child, then open the lines of communication. Talk to them about this topic and make the necessary improvements if needed.

It is something to think about... we all need to do our part and stop bullying. Our children also need to know the bullies opinions are not important, - their words hurt, yes - but are not acting in acceptable behavior and there is nothing right about what they have said or did. The bully is wrong, period. Encourage your child if they have been bullied and if needed seek a professional who can help the direction of their thinking of their future... they are not the problem, the bully is the one with a problem.

The bully's need help, and they need to know their behavior is more of a sign about who they are, and they are the ones with the hurts and issues that are acting out in them. Some may want help and some may not. But always, the bully is the one with the problem.

We need to lift up the bullied child in every positive way! Teach them they are not the ones with the problem, and help them to forgive the bully, that will be the path of personal growth for them!

Hug your children, and be blessed!


"Opinions from bullies do not matter, they hurt, but they are not our life truths... do not let them win by making it matter. Be you, be real, - that is what really matters." ~ Ginae

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