You've Been Invited by a Gracious Host

What does it take to be a great host or hostess? We must be ready to entertain our guests, provide for them and arrange the event, in such a way, they are pleased with our event.

Have we ever been to an event that the whole day was out of sorts? Nothing ran properly. They ran out of food or the mix of people just wasn't clicking? I hate those parties where everyone is just staring at each other and no one is talking. Or, I'm the odd man out, and everyone is talking but me.

How about weddings that take all day, we have to travel all over the place to get to each event of the day, the food is horrible and above all, it's a cash bar? Ever been there? And then to top it off, we don't even talk with the bride and groom, and we know no one else in the room.

Being a host or hostess is a very important role. The host/hostess must see that the event flows, it is gracious to the attendants, and their needs are being taken care of. A good host/hostess understands this. I believe this is why we have professional party planners and wedding planners, some of us could not put an event together, we don't know the first thing in planning a event. Being a professional planner has become a very lucrative business, because a dud of an event will be remembered a lot longer then a good one, and the real host or hostess does not want that.... ever! Good partys are talked about sure, but bad parties are remembered and talked about over and over for years.

Bad events could be the future jokes of a good party!

The thought I had today was, - The Lord is a gracious Host, He's invited us here, so what can He do for us today? How can He makes us feel comfortable? How can He bless us?

He is our provider, He'd love to go with us through our day, - see things through our eyes, - taking Him along the whole way.

Sometimes I think we miss it... we are so trained in WORKS. We stress over what we can do, where we can go, what we can be, - that we miss, Jesus. If He is the gracious Host, and loves us, - what's to bless us abundantly, - then what could we be missing?

The Lord loves us so much, so talk to Him today, and thank Him for being the Host of the day and let Him know what you need! The word tells us He knows our needs before we do!

Smiles to your day, and be blessed,


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