are you waiting for an apology?

have you ever had a hard time getting on with the day, because you're still thinking about what someone has done to you? they said something, they did something, they did an unbelievable act against you, or they didn't respect you? ...

and then, - here we sit, waiting... waiting for them to call and tell us the reason why? and then the we hope they'll say they're sorry.

i have found we could wait forever. so... what should we do? as i was enjoying my coffee this morning, thinking on this very thing, because recently someone treated myself and my family horrible, i was just pinning away on Pinterest... - you can picture that, right?

i saw a pin that said something like, "life becomes easier, when you learn to accept the apology you never got." and of course i had to pin it to a board.

i'm thinking that's very good advice. its not easy to take though, - because we want the apology, we want to talk about what they did, we want the respect, - but still the advice is very good direction. and well, the truth is, we may never get what we want from that person.

the point i'd like to say here is this, - and this is for us, the ones who are waiting, - forgive, see it for what it is, see them for who they are, - accept, it is what it is, - and then move on with new bounderies for this person and a new lesson learned for us. going forward is really awesome, because moving forward on anything is the plan!

moving forward is the game changer. be a game changer!

it's amazing to me how 'awesome little tidbits, I call wisdom' comes to us as we pin, sip coffee and take those quiet moments to hear something fantastic from the one looking out for us from above.

Jesus uses the littlest things in life to do the BIG things.

have a wonderful day, i just had to share this. it helps me in my moving forward to share these great moments of wisdom i get because I know there's at least 1 person who needs to hear it too!

ginae ~ #fivestarlife #WellLife recommended reading, separate yourself from the accuser by ginae lee scott on Amazon and Finer Bookstores.


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