The Power of Affirmations

We have heard about the benefits of positive thinking, I think we would all agree, that positive is better than negative, in most anything. If we are seekers of any kind of personal growth, want better for ourselves than what we've had, and we dream of a prosperous life, then something of a positive nature has been studied, viewed or read by each of us. We may even have positive stickers posted around our office cubicle, their purpose is to motivate us, or we have a stack of books by our bedside table on every subject we can think of on personal growth. We might be guilty of this, too, - we scroll through social media looking for something that will motivate us, we hope to find the key that will unlock what we are looking for, - we seek that special something that will bring the change in us. We have goals, and dreams we want to see, but haven't yet...

Have you been there? Have you wondered why you feel walls blocking everything you do? I've felt those walls for years. I didn't know what they were in the beginning, but I've felt something hindering me. This is actually a deep subject, and we will have to touch on this subject again to cover more, but my thoughts for this blog post, is to talk about the power of affirmations.

Affirmation - The action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. Emotional support or encouragement.

I was asked to create index cards of affirmations at a recent group meeting. It was a game type, - sort of thing, - and we asked to do the challenge as a group. It was a very good group game, and I'm so glad I participated, because it taught me a lot about people and myself. During the process of coming up with the positive, "I am", affirmations, I experienced a few things I want to share. I was excited to dig in and see what was important to me to say as an affirmation, but as I did this, I found it was not easy. I noticed some people couldn't come up with even one personal affirmation. After we finished our cards we had to say them out loud as a group. I was amazed at how difficult it was. I felt fear. I've had thoughts since was my affirmation stupid?

Should I have thought of a better one? On, and on, goes the mind.

When it was my turn to say my affirmation, I tried to say my affirmation with a loud, excited and confident voice. As I did this, my mind told me I was a fake, and that I was totally pretending. As the group went around and around, each time it got to me, I had the same experience. My thoughts were, - I was a fake, none of these great things were going to be me, or happen to me. Does any of this sound familiar?

I started to listen to each person's voice, and my heart squeezed a little for us as people. Most voices were trying, like me, to bring forth some kind of power when they said our affirmations. Our personal faith, belief, and confidence was trying to affirm our affirmations, but I bet if asked, everyone was somewhat experiencing what I was. There were the obvious quiet voices, and the hesitant ones, - I could tell they were having a very difficult time with this positive affirming game. Sad isn't it? Why?

The why's are our own subconscious mind, words that were said to us, haters, people who want to hold us back, words we've believed about ourselves, or negitive standards we've believed. Hurts from the past, past failures, and yesterday's negitives are all little bricks that are building the hindering walls around us.

I'm motivating you, along with me, to make the affirmation cards and say them out loud every day.

The I am's, will change your life! Keep them in your bathroom and flip through them every morning while you're getting ready. Make a set to bring with you during your day, - keep them at your office or in your car and speck them out loud there also.

It's very important you say them out loud. And you know what? We are not a fake, but we are people who want better for ourselves and our families. Tell those negative voices, that we will pretend, until we aren't pretending anymore! Our personal growth is important to our future!

Personal affirmations will change us. Hearing them spoken out loud will be a game changer!

Get your index cards today. Buy your favorite colored Sharpie and get busy! Add to them, too.

Examples of I am's to get us started;

I am successful. I am determined. I am a giver. I am loved. I am awesome

I am intelligent. I am thankful. I am fearless. I am filled with His Light.

I am blessed. I am great at what I do. I am brave. I am beautiful. I am wonderfully made.

I am wealthy. I am a money maker. I am gifted. I am worthy.

I love doing what I can for my own personal growth, I always have, and I believe that's what has brought me this far. I love coaching people to feel better about themselves, - it bothers me when I feel my own walls, - but it really bothers me, when I see other people hurting. I hate seeing others hindered, and not able to see, what I see in them. We are really awesome and wonderfully made, - let's start knocking down the walls that shouldn't be there!

I've asked several people since to do this with me, and across the board, the difficulty is there.

Amazing to me! Some people could not do it at all, and others felt weird. They giggled, stopped and/or struggled. Amazing! It's not amazing to me because they had a problem, it's amazing to me that most of us struggle with the same things and some to a worse degree. Really makes me passionate about doing something to stop this behaviour in us.

Affirmations are a good way to start, they will be the bulldozer against the hindering walls! With those walls knocked down the goals, dreams, and careers will be a GO!

I'm Excited, let's do this! (There's a great affirmation, I am excited!)

Please share this post, if you think of someone who will benefit from starting affirmations! This helps me daily as an artist and author. I love my life, I love what I do and I love helping people with Well Life Ministries -but daily I have to build myself up. So build yourself up also with affirmations, you are not alone!

Have a great day, and start writing your index cards!


I love hearing from readers,

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