I'm Finding Diamonds....

I was recently mentoring someone and during the conversation, I had a visual of what our minds look like when all our issues pile up on the inside. The word picture, or vision that I saw was this, - our problems, from little to big, - are piles of rocks all over the field of our mind, and they are scattered out before us for as long as we've been dealing with them. Some piles looked more like a wall of rock to me. The field was continuous from left to right and went on and on, it stretched out with what looked like forever. Interesting, was my first thought as they continued to share their story with me. I thought this makes so much sense in all of our lives. I felt such frustration for them because some of their issues have been going on for a very long time. The realization of how much time we all waste storing these piles of rocks sunk in.

For most of us, I think our issues do go on for a very long time. I believe the reason for that is, we don't deal with them, - at first I think we just try to move past them. Hoping, we can ignore them long enough to forget them. How's that going for us? Ignoring the junk seems the best at the time because dealing with it makes us mad, sad, or it brings back up the hurt again. Right?

Not dealing, is piling the issues up on the inside of us. Our bodies become full of all the unsettled issues in our life. Picture that for a moment... some of us could be really filled with a lot of piled up rocks and worse, walls of rocks. To lighten the load, and free ourselves up, we must look at each issue and deal with it. I think dealing with our issues can be made easy, too. I don't believe we have to go through an awful process to deal with them.

To deal, is to look at the issue, own it, and see it for what it is. Then take the mental steps to let go of it, forgive yourself, the situation or if another individual is involved, take the steps to forgive them and make the right choice to move on. Period. Is that easy? No, not at all, but it can be made simple. It is a choice. Our Choice. Deal, and let go. Pretend if you have to until you're not pretending anymore.

What choices are WE making, - not someone else, but US? Are we choosing to not deal with things? Are we letting anger settle on in and get comfortable inside of us? Do we run? Do we shut down? Take a look at what you do when a bad situation hits you. That is the first step to see if we are dealing with issues properly.

Are we finding the good? Are we finding the diamond in the rough times?

In the conversation with the person I was mentoring, I was able to share the vision I had while we were talking. As I shared it, the sentence came to me and I just kept repeating it, "In the rough, find the diamond. In the rough, find the diamond. In the rough, find the diamond!" Each of our issues are a pile of rock, they are heavy, solid, and sharp. But each pile has a diamond in it.

Yes, each pile of rock has a diamond in it, so, In the rough, find the diamond!

Finding the diamond is facing the issue, letting go of the bad, forgiving someone if need be and then, finally seeing the good. When we've found the good, we've found the diamond!

In the rough times, find the diamond. In every situation, find the diamond. Every problem, find the diamond. Every issue, find the diamond. Find the diamond, it's there, it's always there, - find it!

When you've dealt enough with an issue you're having, and you've found the diamond, then you have truly dealt with it and will be free of it! Do this with everything and you will be filled with light and be free!

What a blessing to receive this great wisdom while helping someone else! God is good!

My new motto to live by is, I'm Finding Diamonds... ~ Ginae

Have a 'finding diamonds' type of day!


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