How Do You Feel About Success?

Asking ourselves how we feel about success

seems like a silly question. Most of us would shake our head and think, "What? I would love success in all things!" Of course, we should feel great about success. But do we?

Recently, I thought about this very question. How do I feel about being successful? I really took a moment to think on the word and take a look at my reactions. I was a little shocked at my inner response.

Try it now. Think on the word, Success. Did you respond the way you predicted or did the thoughts/feelings surprise you, too? My inner response made me take another look at myself.

Most of us would say we are afraid of failure. That the thought of failure scares us, and can hinder us to actually step out, and take a chance at something. Our negative subconscious mind can make us feel anxiety over taking leaps, and then the failure type feelings can set in. Most common beliefs would agree that none of us like failure. I wager to bet here, most of us have never thought, 'are we afraid of success?'

Failure comes with a cost. But success can come with a cost also. Has that stopped us as much as a fear of failure? This is something worth thinking on. Do we stop chasing a dream, do we stop seeing ourselves achieving, do we not move forward, do we not take that leap because we are afraid of failure or are we equally afraid of success?

Fear of success is kind of a surprising thought to me. But I think it happens. Think on this, - someone wanting to lose weight for instance, starting a diet plan could cause fear... fear it won't work, fear that they won't be able to do achieve the goal and fear of another failure. Ugh right?

But what about this side of the coin, fear of success? What would happen if we lost the weight? If we got to the goal? What if we were thin, more beautiful then before, very attractive to people and now gaining a lot of attention. Are we hiding behind the weight? Did the weight gain give us some kind of an excuse? Does that seem as scary as failure to some people? Can we be afraid of what people think in both cases? Failure and Success?

Fear of success can also look like this, we only achieve in our comfort place. We only want to make so much money, any more than a certain amount people might think this or that of us. We never reach for the moon because wonder if we get it, then what? What will people say? What will people think? Again, we could fear success as much as failure. This was a 'wow' for me. If you experience the same walls at times, I think it's time to tear them down.

We should take the leaps for ourselves. We should move forward in our failures and our successes. We should not be our own hindrance in a dream, or a goal, but we should live the life purposed for each of us. People and what they think should not hinder us, so how do we get past those thoughts if that is us?

Motivating ourselves in our own security/confidence is a #1 priority! Feed yourself good thoughts and do not allow the negative thoughts from your subconscious take over. Unlearn and relearn. Make a list of what you are thinking. Examine those feelings, - most aren't even yours, they are your subconscious - focus on what YOU are really wanting. If all fears were removed, what do YOU really want to do? That is your new focus.

Really think on this, and if this is you, let's change it up! Success is awesome because you can help others, you can get your confidence back and you can help change the world by giving back. Our failures are just as awesome, - when we look through successful eyes, - because we can get back up and we learn from the failures. Failures and success really shouldn't scare us, they are a part of life and we need to live! Live your life and enjoy it equally, through your fails and successes!

So, can we be afraid of success equally as failure? I do believe so, I think the same insecurities feed both. But, moving positively forward in our thoughts, and helping encourage our levels of security I believe we can accept and enjoy both! We can see our failures as a life learning lesson, and our successes as goals achieved to bless ourselves and others!

Thank you for reading, please share any thoughts!


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