Take Heed What You Hear

Take heed what you hear? What does that mean, to take heed? And what does that have to do with us hearing? Don't we hear what's spoken by just listening? Is there a better way to hear?

Heed - means to pay attention, take notice, give very careful attention to something. Stop, focus and listen.

While we are listening to someone talk, watching the news, in a meeting or talking on the phone, could we not be hearing clearing to what we are listening to?

Could we be receiving the information wrong or tainted?

Could we be hearing what we expect to hear, or what we want to hear?

We've all heard the phrase, "We hear what we want to hear." When put to the test, this phrase is actually accurate. When we have formed an impression of someone in our mind, we can actually expect what they are going to say, and hear only that. Are we hearing what they are saying over-shadowed by our impression of them? We can hear it the way we expect, and believe that to be truth, even though they did not say what we thought we heard.

Kind of shakes things up a bit doesn't it? Makes one stop and wonder how many things we may have gotten something wrong in the past. Did they say what we thought they said? Each one of us could probably relate right now, - if asked, - when we've been given directions we thought we were told to go left, but were we really told to go right? After getting lost we can be confused to what we really heard. Are there times and situations we think we know the truth, but we are really believing something false?

So, take heed how you hear. How can we apply this principal in the scriptures to our life? Let's look at the scriptures. Mark 4:24 says take heed what you hear.

NKJV - And He said unto them, “Take heed what ye hear. With what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you; and unto you that hear shall more be given.

ERV - Think carefully about what you are hearing. God will know how much to give you by how much you understand now. But he will give you more than you deserve.

How do we heed or pay attention to what we hear? There are many things going on in our lives, our relationships and in the world everyday. A lot of misunderstandings happen every day in the workplace, the home and relationships. I believe to take heed is to really pay attention and I mean really listen and pay attention. Put everything else aside and have your mind open to hear. Taking heed can mean that when you don't understand what you're hearing, that you seek the truth is what was said, - you ask questions, you listen again, you replay if you can, you give careful attention and hear.

To assume we are hearing right, everything we hear, - might be a BIG mistake. We may not be hearing right. Think carefully to what you hear. That shows that we could be listening to the wrong thing, the wrong person, the wrong information, the wrong opinion and we may need to seek the right voice to listen to. We have to listen right, so we can understand.

Could deception be in our life because we are not heeding to what we hear? This is important. Think on this. Are we being deceived by what we hear? What are we listening to? Who are we listening to? The truth may not live in our life, if we are only hearing what we want to hear. I cannot stress this enough!

Take Heed What You Hear! Understand what you Hear! Take that extra time to give careful attention to what YOU hear. Do not let someone else tell YOU what you are hearing.

YOU must hear for yourself!

Love, smiles and hugs,


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