Reason Verses Faith

What is it to reason? I was recently intrigue by this word thinking I knew everything about it. Reason seemed to be a simple word to me, I guess hadn't given it much thought over the years, but it the meaning recently became something new and full of meaning to me.

Reason - to think, understand, to make a conclusion or judgment by processing logic. Rationalizing common sense. To conclude or figure something out.

My recent experience with the word reason went something like this; I felt fought during the days of this experience on every thought and/or everything I said or did. I was in situations and conversations that everything was being questioned. Simple questions, but dare I say, at the time they seemed to be not necessary? The people involved in those conversations and situations had no idea what was going on, to my belief, - I really think the fight was mine alone.

I sort of felt during this experience as if I was in a Spiritual boot camp, if there's such a thing as a Spiritual boot camp, lol! Bear with me, and I hope to get this thought out and give YOU something to think about too!

While I was a party in the experiences, I was wondering what in the world was going on? Why am I being second guessed and why was explanations of every word I spoke needed to be verified? Also, during the crazy fight, that came into my space, - so speak, - I really couldn't explain enough, with words, what was going on. Or what I feeling while the situations were going on, I really was truly like, "what is this???"

While in the trenches, I knew I needed to be praying, - the Lord showed me something I've never  thought of before. I was up against a "Reasoning" attitude/spirit. That's a little deep. But let's go with deep for a minute.

I walk by faith. for the most part. No one is perfect. I love to walk in Gods wisdom. I walk on a path that can change in a moment, and I'm personally fine with that.

What God showed me is when we walk by faith, we aren't reasoning everything out. We are lead by God. Walking by faith sometimes doesn't make common sense. If going by reasonable logic, there are definitely times our faith makes no sense.

During the time everything I did, or I stood for, was being questioned, - this was shown to me. I was blown away when I heard Gods voice in my mind, giving me this wisdom on what I was feeling and fighting. I was actually getting very frustrated during that time and that caused me to pray. I did not want to be frustrated with people, nor did I want to come across harsh to the people around me, but the fight was real. Been there?

A little more insight to this was reasoning can be based on facts but facts/reasoning on their own will lead to a dead end when not mixed with faith. Facts are real, but faith brings light and change.

To sum this up, we don't need to reason everything out in the logical part of this world. If we feel like we are lead by faith to turning left, when everyone is turning right, we don't have to explain and reason why it's necessary for us to go left.

Walking in Gods wisdom is spiritual, while walking in reasoning only could be of the carnal mind.

Romans 8:7 says the carnal mind is enmity against God. 

Of course we have to reason things out in life everyday, at work, home, school etc. This point of topic is on reasoning verses walking by faith. If we get in situations and we are a walking by faith type of person, we don't have to get into a reasoning debate. Faith and reasoning don't mix. Stay away from reasoning when you know you know you've heard from God.

Make sense? I hope so, this wisdom helped me!

Thanks for reading,


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