Do a Happy Dance

Does dancing make you happy?

How long has it been since you danced? Does letting loose in a fun dance, - a happy dance, - help make us to be even more happy? Does dancing improve the feelings of happiness? Yes, dancing does helps us, - research proves, - so, lets dance!

I recently had something so exciting happen for me and I was dancing all day long in my mind, but I never let loose in an all-out happy dance. I should have, I should've just

celebrated the way my mind was

telling me, but I didn't.

I will tell you though, that once I realized I only celebrated in my mind, I let my happy dance go and boy was it fun! I did go off on my own in private, - I have a long way to go to let my happy out in a comfortable way for myself and that has made me think enough for this blog post, because one of my life's goal is to be 100% me and true to me. If we pass through this world and we never enjoyed being ourselves enough to be us, to be happy and dance, wouldn't that be a waste? I'm thinking we would have missed out on one of the greatest part of the gift of life.

Celebrating something, being thankful for something, being happy for something, is good! Do you ever wonder if we don't do enough of that? Do we not let ourselves be excited, and happy, due to what we think others will think? Do we calm ourselves down, pushing our happy dance to the back of our mind, thinking, "oh, no, I shouldn't act like that?" Do we think we're to old to do that now? Think on this for a moment, if we don't celebrate in a happy dance once in a while due to people, why would we do that? If their not being happy for us is stopping us, well, we need to rethink that one. I say let's get dancing, they have a problem and the problem is them.

Being childlike has a certain freedom to it, as we grow up and mature most of that is good for our adult life of course, but holding onto the a childlike manner in some things can be good for our overall health.

We've seen the movies where the actress jumps up and down when the phone rings with the hopes of the caller, calling for a date. We've seen the little girl dancing just because she wants to, and she doesn't care who's watching. We've gotten the promotion and waited until we were in the elevator to whisper, yes!

For some of us a whispered "all right!" or a "Yay" is our happy dance, but for most of us our true happy dance is doing a jig, jumping up and down, and an outright wiggle with a giggle. I know we fight embarrassment, we fight our happiness because someone else doesn't have it, we fight being silly happy because we don't think we deserve it or we talk ourselves out of a happy dance because we think it really isn't that big of a deal.

It's a big deal! Our happiness and excitement in life is a really BIG deal. And guess what? Age doesn't matter. We are never to old to dance!

Well, for those of us who have been hiding their happy dance, I'm shouting DANCE! Dance the happy dance! Celebrate your life in every little to big event and challenge!

When something good happens, dance!

When you're just feeling happy, dance!

When you're feeling bad, dance!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Let me know if you have a happy dance story, - sharing is caring!

Have a happy day, and thank you for reading!


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