Are Our Vitamins & Minerals Safe?

When we walk into our local health food store, pharmacy, or retail store and we buy our vitamins and health products, I believe most of us think we are buying something good and safe for our bodies. But are we?

Sometimes it takes a TV commercial, or a Facebook ad, to alert us to health and nutritional deficiencies that are common in our society. Our doctors offices may have posters to alert us of the benefits of taking a daily vitamin, or the magazines we read while waiting for our appointment will have a catchy advertisement that sells us on our need to add vitamins and minerals to our daily diet. With that health conviction we take off to the local Target or Wholefoods and we buy the bottle that fits our financial and health needs. But did we buy the right one? Did we just waste our money buying something that actually isn't what it says it is?

This describes most of us today. Our cupboards and bathroom vanities are full of semi okay products, some work, and some don't. Some are safe and some aren't. But does the average person know this?

So, the big question is, are our products safe? Are we helping ourselves or hurting ourselves? For the most part we can find out some basic information with our researching each and every product, but who has time for that? If it's that hard to take vitamins and minerals, why do it? If it's that hard, I will tell you most won't do it. So, in reality, - after spending the average of $80 we are back where we started or even worse off, - we are adding an ingredient or several ingredients that aren't safe for our health.

With the lack of nutrition in a lot of our foods, fast foods, and packaged foods - due to our busy lives of just grabbing something as we zoom by - we are in a severe need and need to add some vitamins, minerals and super food to our diets. But without that knowledge, - because knowledge leads us, shows us and directs us, - most of us won't get the optimum health we need with whole, live foods and safe, pure vitamins and minerals for strength, strong cells and a strong Immune system.

No lie, the below photo is the garbage can after showing someone the NEVER list and they checked their vitamin and mineral cupboard.

This person was having severe bloating and stomach issues, they had recently gone to the doctor and an ultrasound was ordered. The technician could not see anything due to the unusual amount of gas in their body and asked them to come back. The second ultrasound was the same, there was to much gas in their body the technician couldn't see the liver or stomach. The end result, the doctor prescribed several medications at that time with no further diagnosis or tests.

I Googled bloating and found that one of the ingredients in most over-the-counter vitamins can cause severe bloating, other stomach and bowel issues. Magnesium stearate sounds like a good ingredient, but it's not. Google it for yourself and see.

I'm not a doctor, but they were taking a lot of vitamins and different supplements everyday. It got me thinking, - I showed them the information that this addition of Magnesium Stearate to the ingredients in their vitamins may be the cause. Their doctor moved from trying to find out what was going on, to prescribing meds, so they felt they had nothing to lose and everything to gain by removing this ingredient from their daily intake. They cleared their cupboard and their system of these harmful vitamins and ingredients, and started to experience the symptoms go away immediately.

Guess what? The bloating is gone, and the stomach pain stopped, - I check in with them regularly and nothing has come back after the garbage can was filled up with the bloat causing fillers and ingredients in their vitamins. Coincidence? I don't think so. After going to doctor, after doctor, some people give up and live with their symptoms, - that's a shame. Doctors are great, and we need them, but we also must be a advocate for our own health, and the health of our loved ones. It takes determination, research and time to make sure we are doing all we can for optimum health!

The above health issue is just an example of what could be happening if we continue putting GMO and substitute fillers into our bodies.

Check labels! When shopping at the better Health Food Stores you still have to double check labels and always ask to find what you're looking for, most employees are very helpful! Do your research, there are companies who are conscientious and will have safe ingredients.

If you'd like my NEVER list emailed, or if you have a question about any products, please email me, I'd sincerely love to help! #WellLife

Smiles to your day!


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