Count Your Blessings!

Everyday is the best day to count our blessings. We count calories, bank accounts and what we don't have, but do we count our blessings on a regular basis? Most of the time we have to remind ourselves to count the good things, - our blessings.

When we get discouraged, it's easy to count the calories we're not sticking too, because we're gaining weight. Or when the bills pile up, it's easy to count the bank account and see how bad things look financially. When things aren't going our way, it's easy to compare, and count the ways against us. It's easy, to make our hard, harder. 

If we take a few minutes everyday to count our blessings, it will change our day of half-full to overflowing. 

Focusing on the good changes everything, we attract more good outcomes if we count our blessings. How do we attract more good you ask? By looking for the good and counting our blessings we will change up our mindset and we will see more of the good things that are actually happening or they will happen due to our overall outlook is better. 

One of life's lessons is, if you look for the bad you'll find it, - so, the opposite can happen too, if we look for our blessings we'll find them, too! 

Counting calories can be for our blessings, - with a positive outlook we can get to the desired weight we looking for. Counting the bank account can be for a blessing, - balancing the budget is for the good, over spending makes a hard outcome. Counting what's not happening for us can be for our blessings also, - when a door is not opening, that is a good indication that we may need to look at another path. 

Counting our blessings today, and everyday, will be the best thing we've ever counted! 

Happy day to you and yours, and thank you for reading, 


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