What to Do With Pinto Beans #Recipe

I have the best farm market near me, and I shop there when I can, - it cheaper prices, healthy choices, and fresh! 

I bought a bag of Pinto Beans mistaking them for black beans. That's all good, I love my kitchen full of good, quality choices. But I had never washed, soaked and cooked Pinto Beans before so I was staring at the bag this morning wondering if within my pantry ingredients could I come up with a recipe without running back out to the store. 

Thank you, #Pinterest because I use you daily! Of course I found a recipe or should I say, recipes! I mixed a slow cooker Pinto Bean recipe up with one I had pinned that had chicken and spinach in it, since I had leftover chicken and a bag of spinach for my juicing. 

I was even more excited when I found - I had an onion, fresh cut Rosemary, carrots, broth and fresh spices, - including garlic. 

I washed the beans, then I soaked them for a while in hot water to help shorten the cooking hours. 

It's cooking in the slow cooker right now and looking and smelling wonderful! I'm adding to the meal tonight, thick crusted fresh breads and baked GF biscuits with dairy free cheese and chopped fresh Rosemary added as I knead the dough. Served with a dairy free olive oil spread. Wow right? 

So let's wrap up the steps! 

Sauté chopped onion, carrots, and garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil. Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the slow cooker, add 1 pkg broth, (vegetable or chicken) add your desired spices, (onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper etc) Add sauté veggies, add handful chopped spinach, add chicken if desired, add rinsed soaked beans, and then add a small amount of water to cover the ingredients so cooking will be equal throughout. 

Cook on high till beans are softening, then turn down to low and cook till desired consistency and tender beans. 

Add or take away ingredients that are your favorite! I only use a recipe to spark ideas! 

Add a salad, and/or breads for a full meal to make anyone happy! 



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