Better Choices

With a new year upon us should we make New Year resolutions, do they really work?

When you look at the results of past New Year resolutions we can see they don't. They gyms are full in January but empty by March, the diets last for a few weeks and then our schedules and life gets in the way and we're off the plan.

If we're like most those small failures start to add up in our mind that we can't do it. And at each new try if something gets in the way again like life, we are setting ourselves up to get discouraged and when we feel like something won't or can't happen for us, we are encouraged for success.

So, how do we get encouraged towards success to a plan, a goal, or a dream we want to happen in a new day, a new month or a new year?

Giving this a lot of thought, I feel I got a good answer, and that is choosing better choices on a daily basis 24/7. Will life be perfect? Will it always work out as planned? No. But, by choosing the better choice in everything, even if it isn't something we'd normally do, the plan is on a better path and that will give the plan life and a better outcome.

There's something about taking a moment to focus on our goal, looking at our options, and making the better choice in each situation. Each situation has a moment of choice. By not being rushed and really thinking for a moment, praying and/or asking for advice, we open the door to better choices daily.

Feeling failure and discouraged can be a thing of the past when we know we've made the best choice that we knew to do, at each moment, and accept that. With each new choice we will get better at letting our strengths rise and our insecurities fall by the wayside.

When roadblocks pop up, they are a good sign to stop for a moment and look at a new path to our goal. A roadblock doesn't stop us, it's a detour that a safer and protected path for us is the better choice.

A wisdom tip here is to see the roadblocks to our vision as a new path to better. Something on the road up ahead could hurt or hinder us, even if we thought that was the right path for us. God is always looking out for us and wants the better. Listening to that small voice is a wise choice in our choosing.

So, back to a New Year resolution thinking, any goal setting is great, but how we set our goals may set us up for failure or success.

Daily choices is freedom in personal growth. We're free to choose daily the better choice. Hold in each hand the choices and then choose the better one. It's liberating to know we are consciously choosing the better. So, no matter how things look or happen we can be confident something is working towards the good. It may take time, patience and dedication, but we can have faith that we are being looked out for and protected.

This can work in most situations, -there's always the better choice! Here are some daily examples that we can put to work in other situations too.

• Fresh veggies or the piece of cake?

• 30 minute walk or the couch?

• Spend $$$ we don't have or not?

• Date a horrible person or not?

• Spew hate or keep mouth shut?

• Clean the house or let it pile up?

• Put off till tomorrow or do today?

• Drive drunk or Uber?

• Even better, get drunk or not?

• Surround with positive or negative?

The above choices are the daily ones that can be in most of our lives, at least they get us thinking and that's the idea here. Listen to your gut. Think on the choice for a minute and be open to maybe there's a better choice.

Stubborn people can get messed up in their choices, due to the fact they won't look at anything else than what they think, or believe. Being flexible and open to personal growth works better for most choices.

Daily have fun choosing the better choice for YOU! Don't be afraid of making the wrong choice, put your heart in it and choose. All things work together for the good I believe. Better choices makes a better choice all the time!

Smiles to your #WellLife day, and thank you for reading,


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