No is Just the Opposite of Yes

How hard is it for you to say no? When asked to do someone a favor that really is pushing your schedule and is virtually impossible, can you say no? Of course there are times we change everything up and help someone, but I'm not talking about the real needs or responsibilities we will have that pop up in life. The topic in this blog post is can you say no when you need to say no?

No sounds so negative, and I think that is why it puts most of us off. We feel like we failed someone or something if we say no. The truth about no is that is needs to be used at times and used more often in most people's daily situations. No is not a bad word. No is just the opposite of yes.

When we realize no, is just the opposite of yes, that makes the word more user friendly. In most situations, it's truly yes we can, or no we won't be able to. No can be the most healthy word at times and most of us need to learn to say no in a very healthy way for our wellbeing. No can be said and should be said in a kind way. Due to the situation we can give an honest reason why we have to say no, but don't get involved in a lot of reasoning here, due to the fact, it will wear down your confidence in your honest no.

Being a positive person myself I've learned the word no can be a huge positive, too. When we don't have boundaries and we are a yes only person afraid to say no, we can be putting ourselves in bad situations, we can be used, and even abused. Letting yourself say no, when you should, will work to the good and positive in YOUR life.

Learn to like the word no. Learn to say it. Remember it's just the opposite of yes! There's nothing fear here and everything to gain.

Here's are a few simple examples that we can think on and use in other situations;

1. When someone is making you feel guilt about something and it's their issue not yours, in kindness and patience, the word no may need to be used a lot.

2. Going out of your wellbeing life style for someone is a no all the time.

3. Going against your personal beliefs for someone is a great time to use the word no.

4. Your schedule will not allow you to help again, and when you're a helper already you do need to keep a healthy schedule here for your wellbeing. Boundaries here work and there should be no guilt using the word no.

5. For your mental and physical health, - if something or someone is pushing to far, - the word no must be used again here and it all for the good!

6. Anything that comes against your integrity the word no is a must.

The above examples are just a start to get us thinking and fearlessly using the word no more!

Thank you for reading, and smiles to your day,


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