Anxiety is Real, - Let's Chill

In the last six months I've had 3 major surgeries from a fall I had over a year ago. When I read that last sentence I'm still amazed that's me. Wow! Not sure if it's the three surgeries or the fall that I'm saying wow about. Truth, it's probably both. What still amazes me, is that I hurt myself so bad from a fall. It could have been worse, people die from falling, so, I've tried to stay in a thankful mode. That said, to say this, in what I've gone through I've had the nasty word anxiety rise up in my life.

I think I've always been prone to a little anxiety, but recently I've experienced it in a very bad way and to the point I've had to seek medical attention. Right after the second surgery I had to go back to the hospital only two days later due to feeling very bad. They check me for blood clots, heart issues and then diagnosed me with anxiety due to all I'd been through. My body said enough. My mind did too.

Anxiety - fear and worry that's strong enough to cause havoc in your daily life. 

My attacks that lasted days after surgery made my blood pressure go up and I'm normally low, breathing issues, fear, dizziness or light headed that scares you even more.

Yuk! Right? Who wants anxiety?

Most everyone has a little anxiety over things going on in life, it comes and goes without having caused any real issues. The average person would say they were nervous or they had a case of nerves. That is what I call the normal life anxiety, which is bad enough. What I'm talking about here is the anxiety that is somewhat crippling and causing health issues.

Anxiety- It's real and knowing what you're dealing with is the 1st step to getting rid of it, and/or learning how to deal with it. 

See your doctor and let them know what's going on. They can give you direction, hopefully you can deal without any drugs, I'm not a huge believer in drugs for a cure. You may need something to help in the beginning, work with them on this, but drugs aren't the cure, let's deal with it and get you cured! 

They can refer you to a doctor you can talk to also. Talking about it is great and knowing someone understands is wonderful on a full recovery. 

Now, what else can we do on our own? Relax. Get away for a few days from everything that's causing more stress. Even if that's only going to a quiet place and do something for YOU. Read a book, paint, watch movies, go for a walk... you know your happy places, go there. I love the beach!

Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise if you can, best exercise is a nice walk. Get off caffeine, drinking decaf coffee can be a great change up for you. At the health food store I recommend, Bach's Stress Relief products, the dropper for under your tongue and the mouth lozenges when you're out and about. Camomile tea during the day and Sleepy Time tea is great at night. 

My doctor believes I experienced PTSD after my 2nd surgery, I didn't know at the time someone could experience that from surgeries, I thought that was something a war veteran could experience only. I truly had no idea, - I knew I faced these surgeries this past year and I tried so hard to be strong and just go through it. I believe those pushed down feelings of what I was really feeling caused me to freak. 😀

Life is a big bowl of wonderful things mixed with some very scary things, - and it's okay to be scared, but know God and people who love you are cheering you on! 

So, anxiety... nasty little thing that's BIG if it's in your life, so let's get rid of it! 

I pray for the best for YOU if you're experiencing this and God bless you towards the right direction.

Seek knowledge and help! 

Smiles to your day, and thank you for reading,


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