Beauty After the Ashes

Is there beauty after the ashes? When we think of a home being ruined by a fire and everything is burnt to a rumble it's hard to see the beauty in that situation. The cost and repair can be overwhelming. If lives were saved and no one was hurt then we can be thankful, - but still it would be hard to find anything beautiful out of the ruins.

Ashes: means the remains of something destroyed... in ruins.

Pretty heavy duty there in the meaning. Destroyed... in ruins... not fun words at all and I think we would agree on that.

We've all heard the phase there's beauty in ashes, - let's talk about can there be beauty after the ashes, - can we have beauty after the ashes? I believe we can.

When we let God be 100% in our life and He is the one leading us, - when He takes us through the fire, - He will keep us. When we are tested, destroyed, so to speak and feel like we are in ruins, He will show us the way, He has the better plan and has guaranteed we will see the beauty in our ashes.

In the Old Testament there's stories of sitting in ashes as a token of humiliation and grief. After the burnt offering to the Lord there was nothing left but ashes. The ashes in both situations are actually truly beautiful because they represent us giving to God a token, and offering of what has transpired in our heart.

When I think on the times that have cost me big time in this life and I've walked with Him through those trying situations, it's the ashes I see after that are truly a testimony of something beautiful that was meant for destruction and ruins. Pretty awesome what God can do. What’s even better is He got me through it all and I came out a better person, too!

He keeps us in times of trouble, He's there to help and helps us to forgive in time of need and He’s there to forgive us also. Gods ways aren't our ways, He takes the planned destruction and the planned ruins of our life and consumes them with a mighty fire to bring us to a beauty after the ashes.

Today, put on an alter anything you don't want going on in your life and let Him consume it with His fire of love and then look at the beauty that will come after the ashes!

Thank you for reading and smiles to your day!


#fivestarlife #WellLife

#fivestarlife #WellLife #PersonalGrowth

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