Let Your Dream Find You

Would you say for the most part we all have a dream or a goal for our future? Some of us are so organized we have it all mapped out in an outline or on a spreadsheet in our Excel program.

While some of us are still in the dream mode, what should our dreams be? Who am I and what Am I supposed to do? We're looking at the options and waiting to see what the future holds. We have goals and dreams, but the doors haven't opened yet or the timing isn't right.  

How many of us are open and flexible to let a dream find us? How many of us are so set in our ways or our spreadsheet isn't open for a change, that we miss some of the best dreams that life could offer? 

We have the game plan and it's a good one on paper, we have the perfect spouse in our mind, all planned out and looking good on paper, or I've got to do this because people in my life are expecting it... the list can go on and on... and we could miss the perfect dream life for us, because we were waiting for another dream.

I will say this truth, since I've been a young adult nothing turned out like I thought, but it turned out better. I had goals and dreams that I did not do, but I did something better. The one thing that saved me was I was open, bendable, and I guess, a very flexible person. I do believe when I was younger and life was happening and it not always good or what I wanted, I learn to take the good with the bad and adjust myself. Not always an easy thing to do, but I like peace in my life and I like to think and find the good. Make sense? 

Well, with those defense methods, - that's what I call them, - I learned to accept and then start moving in the new direction and find the goal or dream down the new road. And guess what, your dream continues, but just on a new path. Never give up on YOU, and what you envision, - but be open to maybe a different path than you first anticipated.

What's really cool if we let God direct our paths is He comes up with a good one. The path He has lead me on is way better than what I came up with myself. Just recently a dream found me. 

Let me explain, I'm an author and an artist, - I've worked from my home the past few years, and a few years ago I felt like I was supposed to stockpile my artwork. I was hindered in the middle of this time by a very bad fall that messed up my right arm which I use to paint. Three surgeries later, I continued what I felt I should do. In my mind I had something completely different planned though. Then a property came up for rent and I knew it was for me. My own studio and gallery? Could I do this? No... I wasn't thinking that at all. 

Long story short, in between the last two surgeries, I did a buildout on my new building and opened, Art On Orange, the sweetest gallery and open studio. It's in a great area, Ivanhoe Village of Orlando, next to the German Bakery and great shops, who could ask for more, right? The view out the front window is Lake Ivanhoe and there's beautiful flowers flowering all the time close to the gallery. It's really perfect... and it wasn't my dream... but a better one! 

Let me explain that, I had dreams, but not this... the dream that found me was better. And that's why I'm writing this blog post, - we all have dreams, but you might need to be open and let a better dream find you! 

Someone said on my FB page, "you're living your dream!" That's a beautiful comment, but when i read it, it showed me I wasn't living my dream, I was living a better one! 

What better dream does God have for you if you'll let Him? Be flexible, be open and don't be afraid to go out on a limb if the doors open! 

Going after a dream takes bravery, so I pray that each one of you who reads this blog post gets an extra amount of bravery to seek the better dream! 

Smiles to your day, and thank you for reading! 


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