Expect More

Expect more and you'll get more is the thought of the day. Do you find yourself not getting what you want in situations? Do you enter situations not knowing what you would like out of it, or do you not have any expectations when entering a relationship and settle for what you get?

The BIG question here is, "What are you expecting?" That is actually a very serious question that most of us never ask ourselves before getting involved with situations, businesses and relationships. It's the question we actually should ask ourselves daily and know the answer or at least part of the answer with being flexible with the outcomes and open to a few changes that may be much better for us.

God knows and will lead us if we are open to hear His voice. If He calls, answer the phone, listen to His voice on everything. He wants to help and guide us! I believe He wants our expectations big in Him and all that He can provide for us.

Start asking yourself what are you expecting? Too much? Not enough? If you can't be pleased in most situations in your life, you may be expecting to much out of people, your job at the present time, your children, and your relationships. If you think you don't deserve more, you need to expect more because deserving has nothing to do with it, God wants us to have an abundant life.

Abundant life is peace, joy and walking in His wisdom. Nothing is perfect, but we can be made perfect in His love.

If we are walking in a negative mindset, not expecting anything but bad things, that is all we will have... just bad things happening. If we don't see any good in anything, well, we won't see good in anything because we are expecting the bad only. It seems to be the rule, so to speak, don't expect you can do something, you won't do it. Quit in your mind before you start, well, then it's all over. You've quit.

If you want good relationships, expect them!

If you want a good job, expect it!

If you want to find the perfect house, expect it!

When we expect better, we look for it, and seeking it is the 1st step in actually getting it. When we expect better we attract that and we don't settle for less due to our mental focus and desires have us more in tune to a good expectation for our life!

So, what are you expecting?

Smiles to your day, and excited for your new and desired expectations to come true!


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