Is Your Stubbornness Making You Miserable?

Is your own stubbornness making you miserable? If we are stubborn type personalities is that causing us trouble in areas of our life that we don't even realize? Are we making ourselves miserable and not realizing where the unhappiness and turmoil is coming from?

After looking up the dictionary's meaning of stubbornness and after being reacquainted with the word, I have to say this could be the very thing making most people miserable.

Stubbornness; is having or behavior in a dogged determination not to change their attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so. Being very difficult to move, remove, or cure. Wow! And a good meaning would be, being obstinate, known as headstrong, willful and strong-willed.

As few of those meanings, such as willful and dogged determination, - channeled right - would be consider a good thing, but most traits would be considered not a good thing. We don't want to be difficult to move on a good argument to do so.

So, is your stubbornness making you miserable in an area of your life that you could make a change and you're too stubborn to do so? This is the thought of the day. It may take a moment to be honest with yourself. Take those moments. They could be the best moments you've spent lately.

We can be so stubborn, we don't see the forest, because we are focusing only on the tree before us. Remember that old phase? Well, it can still be true today.

Why are we stubborn? I think human behavior not corrected or personal growth in that area. Ego. Pride. Doing it OUR way... Stubborn.

We could know we need to do something, not do something, or change something and our OWN stubbornness will keep us right on doing what we know not to do. Wow!

Miserable means; unhappy, downcast, heartbroken, forlorn, depressed, uncomfortable, glum, gloomy, sad, and so on. None of that sounds good at all. If that is the path ahead, I would want to turn around.

This is a personal thing, so I can't tell us all how to go about making the change, except to say, we need to start something positive to get us to start the change if this is you and it is needed. So, what needs to change in our own stubbornness if it's making us miserable? That's the best question you can ask yourself today!

Most of life's experiences can show us that when we are stubborn about something in a frustrated way, and in anger, we are hurting no one but ourselves. Being right or wrong doesn't matter when we are destroying ourselves with anger. In those situations, forgive and then restore the relationship or situation or run. If we can't restore it, then the best thing to do is set up boundaries that keep us safe and happy, or move on.

When we see we are in a bad relationship, - that both parties are not bringing the good out in each other, we can be stubborn and stay in the relationship due to personality traits, and/or we don't want to lose the friend and think we would be alone etc.

We can stay in our own miserable situation because of us. We are to stubborn for change. We can dig in thinking we can change a person or the situation and waste a lot of time. Your future depends on choices you make today. That's worth taking a moment to think about.

Rule #1 the only person we can change is us. Being honest with ourselves is the best policy. Sometimes very hard to face, but still the best thing we could do for our life. Let go of stubborn, miserableness and get things right for you!

Smiles to you day and thank you for reading!


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