Just Be You

DO you find it hard to be yourself? Do you wonder what it would feel like to just be YOU?

I find it's hard sometimes to be open and honest with people because we don't want to feel their rejection, or hurt them. If they would not agree with us or be open to our honesty, I believe we may even close up or keep ourselves hidden due to their judgment and ridicule.

I've watched social media lately, and know this to be true. Most people could not be honest anymore about their opinions or feelings towards something without getting some kind of hate towards their honesty about what is right or wrong in their opinion, or what is up or down in their reality and life.

To be loved for just being YOU is probably one of the most private life goals we should go after in life. I write the word private here because I think it's one of the life goals we don't hear much about. It's okay to have goals on jobs, marriage, kids and houses... so those goals or desires are easy to talk about, but in the heart kind of goals people shy away from exposing.

To be loved for just being YOU... wouldn't that be nice? To be YOU and honest with yourself is an important day to day goal. Personal growth comes from honesty. Change comes from honesty. A life being who you were made to be comes from honesty.

What keeps you back? Think on these things, write them down and see what you can do in a positive and healthy way to get yourself back on track of being YOU.

We were made in love by someone who loves us. We can surround ourselves with people who love us, too! Being honest and YOU might lose you a few people and it might not! Those who love YOU will always stick by YOU. And those who don't didn't deserve you in the first place.

Walls go up in life from rejection, fear of rejection, comments, jealousy from others, hurts, and other negative situations in our life. By being YOU, you start to crumble those walls that keep you from being YOU.

Just be you and see where that takes you!

Thank you for reading! #WellLife


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