The Sounds of a Mother

As I was putting last nights dishes away this morning, and trying very hard to be very quiet as I did this, I reflected over the sounds of a mother in the morning... As a child I remember feeling secure when I was in bed in the morning and I could hear my mom putzing around in the kitchen. I would rollover and go back to sleep in that comfort or if I had to get up, it was a great start to my day, knowing my mom was out there ready to help me.

My household is still asleep as I type this blog I'm trying to be silent as I sip my coffee and type at my computer in my office. It's in the quietness of life that we can take the time to remember and reflect over moments like these. There are always things we would like to forget, but I think it's wonderful to reflect and remember the good things of the past.

Just the little task of this morning brought me back to scenes in my mind of the past. A warm bed, dishes clinking in the kitchen, the smell of bacon and pancakes cooking... all the sounds of a mother. The dryer door shutting, the smell of coffee and the wrinkle sound of a newspaper folding... all the sounds of a mother.

We recently lost a mother in our family, my husbands mom passed this week and we've had a lot of time in the few days following her stroke to remember and reflect with our family and loved ones. The sounds of a mother in the morning and the sounds of my mother-in-law in the kitchen were some of my favorite memories this week. When we would visit my in-laws in Florida, you could hear her up early in the morning, in the kitchen, cutting up the fruit for our breakfast, - you had to have fruit the first thing in the morning! I would wakeup to those sounds and love it. It might have been a little to early for me while on vacation, but I would still love it. There was always a comfort to that sound.

There is a certain comfort from the sounds of a mother in the morning... she's there, we feel secure, there's a peace knowing she is there taking care of us, and of course, - if food is being cooked we love that comfort and our growling stomach does, too!

I remember on Saturday mornings long ago hearing my mom folding the laundry and talking on the phone to a girlfriend. I would close my eyes and go back to sleep wrapped in that security.

If you're a new mom, your family will love the sounds you try to keep quiet in the morning... they will come to look forward to them, go ahead and make them count! The sounds of a mother in the morning can be sprinkled with such love.

If you miss your mom because she is no longer with you, sit back and take a few moments to remember and reflect. If your mother is still with you and you have some fond memories of her, tell her, she will love remembering them with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a beautiful day,


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